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  1. J

    Anyone tried HB-101?

    Hey i just got a sampler of hb-101 all purpose plant vitalizer, has anyone tried this product?
  2. K

    MA: Proposed Changes Could Defeat The Purpose Of The Marijuana Law

    Rather than "fix" the law voters just approved to regulate marijuana like alcohol, columnist Shirley Leung's prescriptions would defeat the goals of the new law and promote the continuation of the black market ("Ways to salvage marijuana law"). Her proposal to eliminate the right of residents...
  3. Lady G2HM

    Grow To Heal Me - Perpetual Journal - Lady Growing Ladies - Never Giving Up

    "Growing green - a beauty to be seen - no time for mean - a friend, you can lean...on" Welcome to my humble experimental journal of rehabilitation & inspiration to give me a new purpose in life. Growers Mission: "Rehab my brain cognition through the processes of growing green medicine."...
  4. Oldude66

    Genteel Oldguy

    This seems like a good place to simply speak up. The setup - 11 x 15 room - 3 growing areas - the greening area is lit by LEDs, the sprouting is florescent and the flowering is sodium. I've smoked for nearly 60yrs now. This is the first time I've accepted that such behavior as a stand. My hope...
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