pyramid seeds

  1. bbrown219

    Auto White Widow 300W LED Homemade Cabinet Grow 2018

    Hello all. I'm going to be having a small cabinet grow in a 2 x 2 x 4 grow cabinet I built out of plywood and some rip wood I had. This is the plan for the grow. -Strain Auto White Widow by Pyramid -Canna Coco 60% Per lite 30% -300 watt led -Canna coco A and B *Rhizotanic *Cannazym...
  2. Bill the Cat

    Bill The Cat's Pyramid Seeds Auto Kryptonite Grow

    Hi all, New grow started with a very promising strain. Was going to take a break, but the grow habit is hard to go cold turkey on. Auto Kryptonite marijuana seeds was created for purpose of stronger narcotic effects. We took several phenotypes from the Grenadines mountains and crossed it...
  3. O

    First Timer - Pyramid Seed's Anesthesia Auto Flower DWC Grow

    hey guyss !! so my bonza seeeds arrived, but of 6 , only 2 sprouted, and one is in hold for an emergency :laugh2: is a pretty dissapointing range i think i will try another seedbank next time ...getting back to the actual one that made it thru ,it was the auto flower anesthesia by pyramid...