1. SauronBlue

    Ready to quit growing due to low quality & smell

    I've been growing on and off for about 5 of the last 10 years. I've mostly done soil, but I've been switching to coco lately, to try to get out of my rut. I started with 600w MH/HPS combo for veg/flower in a tent. Back then, I had little invested, and my environment was really hot, rh wasn't...
  2. D

    Seed & pot quality vs price

    I have notices online stores , even in the same city (Amsterdam) charge very different prices for the same strain of seed, in some cases ,double the price.I will not name the sellers. does price = quality of pot/ stone? Thanks for any insight
  3. Ron Strider

    CO: Medical Marijuana Helped This Man Get Off 19 Prescription Drugs

    Born and raised in Boulder, Colorad0, 20-year-old Danny Sloat was experiencing chronic stomach pain and debilitating illness. After several extended hospitalizations, doctors were unable to provide a diagnosis and began treating him with opiate medications. It wasn’t long before his condition...
  4. K

    Quality Nugs?

    Hi guys! New to this forum but have been a smoker for nearly a year. I first sparked up after losing my father to cancer and have been blazed ever since. (Dad was a major stoner in his day!) Anyway I have been getting some absolute wank weed from the streets, tiny nugs and dry as fuck! It...
  5. Teddy Edwards

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Bomb Seeds

    Please join us in thanking Bomb Seeds for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 24 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    Canada: Growing Demand Means More Hemp Acres

    As the Canadian hemp industry continues to expand and mature, the demand for hemp foods, not just in North America, but worldwide, is fueling more hemp acres across Manitoba and other areas of Western Canada, and is providing good economic returns for growers. "The returns per acre on hemp...
  7. A

    Canadian LP'S experience

    Let's hear from legal medical users! I'm with aurora and have had a couple orders now and am generally pleased all around. Quality is there, delivery is next day. $8/g across the board. I'd like to see it cheaper but can't complain too much.
  8. A

    Plant pollination

    Hi All, Can someone tell me if male plant size (not plant quality) will affect the "quality" of the pollen? I would like to produce some pollen for pollinating healthy females for seed production. If I grow a healthy male in a small container for pollen collection, effectively stunting the...
  9. cnile

    Looking for advise - First grow - Have room

    I have a 10' x 12' room with a 2' x 4' closet. its standard ceiling, 8 foot. i was thinking clones and mother in closet with t12's and divide the main room in half for a veg and flower with 600wmh/hps in each(at least 1 bulb a room to start), cover walls with Mylar and carpet with a tarp until...
  10. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Water Boards Update Siskiyou On Pot Policies

    The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors heard a presentation from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board on Tuesday regarding their policies and programs related to cannabis cultivation in California and how it relates to water resources. A PowerPoint presentation was given by...
  11. F

    Budget 1000 - Space 6x3.5 - Which 2 LEDs?

    Looking for input from people who have actually veg'd witj LED, not speculation from what someon3 has read. I am about to begin possibly gradually changing over from HID to LED. Starting with the veg room. Current veg room runs on 2 250 MH ducted. They still get hot and the plumbing takes up...
  12. Aaron Quix

    Yocan Evolve Pen Review

    Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Pen From Yocantech This thing is slick! Value is a measure of the amount of quality per dollar spent on a product, and the Evolve Pen from Yocantech is SUPERB value! I couldn't be happier with this unit, its performance and price point. Evolve delivers a higher...
  13. painkills2

    Don't move here for this state's program

    The only reason I moved from Texas to New Mexico three years ago was for this state's Medical Cannabis Program. Before I chose Albuquerque, I did my research. The only thing I wasn't able to research was the quality of the dispensaries. I didn't think there would be a problem finding good bud at...
  14. P

    New to growing - 420 - Everything - Hey

    Currently in my first grow. I've only smoked twice in my life but my wife LOVES MJ and I want to make sure she has quality bud for the sparse times she smokes now with little risk. I'm on Instagram, NKOTB420.
  15. F

    Do you grow in Oregon?

    Hey 420 crew! Actually moving out to Oregon in December for graduate school, yeehaw, but I had a few questions regarding the industry. I find tier 1 and tier 2 licenses, but I also hear of patients like Michigan has in place. Could someone elaborate on this? As well as regarding wholesale to...
  16. S

    Why are some worm castings worthless?

    My personal composting worms produce only 8 cubic yards of organic vermicast yearly that is harvested each spring. Rapid production of worm castings from low nutrient feedstocks does not make quality castings. Shredded maple leaves, alfalfa, cornmeal, oatmeal and barley produce large...
  17. P

    New soil - How do I mix?

    I got a new soil and i need some help with adding perlite vermikulit and if it needs some dolomite lime. Product details of Klasmann Florabella Potting Soil The consistent high quality of Florabella potting media is assured by theuse of the best raw materials, selected additives and high...
  18. R

    All Cannabis Is Not Created Equal

    As Cannabis-legal cities across the country prepare for increasingly populous and accepted 4-20 celebrations, there's a major shift taking place among users of legal Cannabis. The excitement of simply being able to buy Cannabis legally is wearing off for many, and they're discovering that all...
  19. R

    Nature's Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary Grand Opening Underway

    The legal medical cannabis industry has recently been introduced in Illinois, and Nature's Care intends to be the standard bearer of this new industry. The company celebrates its Grand Opening on February 18, and a beautifully designed and functional website is already live. "At Nature's...
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