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  1. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydrp New light SP series is now looking for tester!

    It has been a long time for the new product public, but we are finally here! Before I anounce how to join the comeptition, let's firstly look at the product. :) :cheer::cheer::cheer: Attention please my dear growers. :D Thanks for all your concerning and long time waiting for our new lights...
  2. G

    GG#4, GG x Cheese & GG x WW: Soil, Quantum Board, 2nd Grow

    Hi Everybody! Welcome to my 2nd grow attempt =) My goal from this journal is to get feedback from the community and help me become a better grower through asking questions and taking advice from you guys! First off some information about my grow: Genetics: I am growing three different genetics...
  3. ImThat0n3Guy

    First Grow, Doing 6 Plants 4 Different Strains

    Hey guys hows it going.. So this is my first grow, i recently got my medical card so i am super stoked. so i have done a grow before but it was a closet grow and very discret. i pulled 4oz with the perfect sun 120 led watts.it was a 2x2x4 tent so not alot of head room. i grew 3 bag seeds. 2...
  4. M

    Man's 2018 Indoor CoCo Grow

    Currently growing 4 Blackjack clones to completion in a 3x3 tent with a 315 cmh light. I am running Blue Planet Nutrients as a primary nutrient line, but will be using additives along the way as needed. Temp of tent- 77 rH- 45% Transplanted into 5-inch squares from clone this morning. Fed...
  5. Ready for the driver.jpeg

    Ready for the driver.jpeg

  6. TimberGrowLights

    Timber Grow Lights Powered By Samsung

    Hello 420Magazine, Big updates - we our introducing our new line of ultra high efficiency, brand new LM301B Board Fixtures powered by Samsung. These lights start at $379 ready to hang out of the box. From 240 - 960 watts, you can cover up to a 5'x5' area for under $1400! Powered by Samsung...
  7. S

    Canadian LED suppliers?

    I'm looking to buy some lighting. Possibly some COBs or a quantum board setup. Could I get some suggestions for Canadian retailers? Shipping and duties are quite high ordering from the US, and the exchange rate just makes it worse.
  8. JustMeds

    JustMeds Kilimanjaro Mist Cloner & Quad Tub RDWC No Airstones - 2017

    What strain is it? Kilimanjaro Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 100% Landrace Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Clones are in DIY mist cloner Indoor or outdoor? Indoor’s Soil or Hydro? Hydro 4 plants If soil... What size pot? 4 utility tubs in RDWC configuration. Size of light? Quantum Board...