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  1. McRib

    McRib’s First Grow: Dinachem In Coco

    Hello to you amazing 420ers. I've already learned a lot in my short time here. Time to put some of it into practice. This will be my first indoor grow (well 2nd if you count my failed attempt in 1997). I apologise if this is all over the place. It's just how my brain works... Here's where I'm...
  2. Wk4_ww.jpg


    Week 4 of bloom, White Widow under Quantum Boards in a 5x5, TLO
  3. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro TSL-2000 Combo Sale, 2 Lights for 300USD

    Hey growers! Mars Hydro here again! :green_heart: Today, I would like to introduce our new promotion: :yahoo: In order to celebrate our countries' 70s anniversary, it is big in China, we are holding a promotion here. :) Thank you all for the long time trust and support, so that Mars Hydro can...
  4. hydro91

    Strain selection choice for a 5x5 tent: help me decide on which strains to pick

    Dear 420magazine community, Finally decided to get my grow tent underway and I've settled on a lighting solution for it which has taken me a good part of a year to decide on. I have multiple different high quality strains and I'm requesting the advice and opinions of the community here...
  5. B

    Finally, A Second Grow Journal!

    Hey guys, finally starting up a new grow soon. Hopefully in the next 3 weeks. Still planning things out but this is what I've got so far: 2x4x5 tent Mars & 300w viparspectra as possible additional lighting Picking up a kingbrite 260w QB as the main light Thinking of one 5 gallon pot for a...
  6. SommerVirelli

    My 550 Build

    This thread will be dedicated to my HLG-550 R-spec build. I couldn’t afford straight out buying a kit, so I’m buying it in separate pieces. It will be a month before I have everything assembled, but I had finally decided on how I wanted to do the build. Many thanks to those who’ve helped me this...
  7. jodyhighrollr

    Gelato OG, Alaskan Purple, PineappleExpress#2 & light opinions needed

    Hey everybody! I had a lot happen this year and took a break after my last harvest but now life is starting to feel more normal again so I'm about to start my next grow. Any input would be great and if anyone knows grow journals with this strains maybe you could point me in their direction. My...
  8. hydro91

    Lighting solution: Quantum board LED's vs manufacturer LED grow lights

    Dear 420magazine community, After quite some time away and contemplating a lighting solution I'm stuck with a lighting solution I should choose. Looking for pro's and con's of the following lighting solutions. Manufacturer LED grow lights (Black dog, Mars hydro, California lightworks ect)...
  9. SmokeSara

    Difference Between Mars TS & Mars Reflector LED Grow Light

    Difference Between Mars TS and Mars Reflector Led Grow Light From 2019, Mars Hydro releases the Mars TS series, which is quantum board design, white sunlike spectrum, and it become very hot. But many of the other growers are still prefer our Mars Reflector series which is traditional blurple...
  10. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro SP & TS LED grow light series, what is the difference?

    In 2019, Mars Hydro releases two led grow light series, one is Mars SP series, another is Mars TS series. They both use new SMD chips, using low current to drive while with a lot of them to make sure the whole light output is high. They are both white color, sunlike full spectrum suitable for...
  11. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro TSW-2000 LED Grow Light Looking For Tester!

    Hey whats up 420 growers ! Mars Hydro here again! :circle-of-love: Now that I see many growers using our Mars SP 250 lights, Mars SP 150 lights, Mars TS 1000 lights, and also Mars TSL 2000 lights, I seldom see anyone growing with our TSW-2000 lights here. :)So this time, I would like to put...
  12. 5DAE1A42-FFAF-4F7C-919D-D88096187D6C.jpeg


    Seedsman Alaskan Purple
  13. Th34v4t4r

    DIY Octopot Ammi Haze

    Hey guys.. I'm going to start a new journal off, now I've got all I need to make it a 100% success. So what do we have. Seed: 3x amneisia haze ( royal cannabis seed) Tent: 60w x 120l x 180h light out Lights: 1x viparspectra 600w v/b switch, 1x viparspectra 300w, 1x...
  14. SomeGuy24

    SomeGuy SourChem Soil Tent Hybrid/Sativa

    RH - 48% Temp - currently 84F Pushing 147.7W through the light. Too much higher than this and the temp gets a little high. Very small tent This plant was recently in a hydro setup. It was not doing well. I was not able to give the setup the attention it needed. The plant hasn’t done much but...
  15. Atreum LED QB and bar

    Atreum LED QB and bar

    Samsung 301b diodes QB - 3000k Bar - 3600k
  16. End_WK_7.jpg


    End of Week 7 across the screen
  17. WK_7_end.jpg


    End of week 7 group shot
  18. WK_7_BD.jpg


    Blue Dream
  19. WK_7_GSC.jpg


    Girlscout Cookies
  20. WK_7_.jpg


    Field of dreams
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