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  1. Cannygrow

    HLG vs HSP for my first lb grow?

    Hello fellas I am branching out my 2x4 grow tent into a grow room I am building that is 6ft wide 2.5 feed deep and 6feet tall.I currently own an hlg v2 288 and know for fact it is not enough light to cover that footprint so am wondering what are some opinions regarding either adding a 400w hps...
  2. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green, The 2nd Coming, Photos, Autos, Quantums & Quadlines!

    Hey guys and gals Ready to start the next batch, current grow journal still in progress hereplanned to just run one thread but for ease and less confusion piling it all in one il make a new one for next batch. so what do we have planned.. The strains 2 @SeedsMan Alaskan purple fem 2 00seeds...
  3. DSC01624.JPG


    New setup with Quantum Boards
  4. DSC01621.JPG


    New setup with Quantum Boards
  5. DSC01620.JPG


    New setup with Quantum Boards
  6. 2x4_veg.jpg


    HLG 320 XL Quantum Boards, in a 2ftx4ft veg tent. 2 Girlscoutcookies on the left w/ 3 Blue Dream on the right.
  7. Mariano Gomes

    Samsung diodes board owners and experienced growers post your GPWs here

    So I was thinking of starting a thread for grams per watt (and if you want to be more accurate include grams per kilowatt hours for your whole grow op) on quantum boards or whichever led products that use the samsung diodes since quantum is just a brand and a lot of people are coming up their...
  8. G

    Why I prefer COBs to Quantum Boards

    Quantum Boards are essentially the same as COB'S. Except for the fact that they are spread out over a larger area to cover a large heat sink. The result. Quantum boards are too much like an LED box unit. With Quantum boards their is more cross lighting in the center causing the dreaded "hot in...
  9. PurpleGunRack

    PurpleGunRack's Revenge Grow

    :welcome::welcome::welcome::420::welcome::welcome::welcome: -to my revenge grow and first time growing with Quantum Boards :48: Germination date: 29OCT2017 It's good to be at it again after a less than succesful grow with an untimely finish... This time I got some new and 2 old strains...
  10. Shaggn

    My Perpetual Journey

    Time to get this show going!! We're starting this journey off with some Greenpoint (Stardawg) crosses. Moon dance - Wookies / Stardawg Tomahawk - Gorilla Glue #4 / Stardawg My setup is currently two Mars hydro reflector 144/5 blurple units (they do work) in a 3x3 tent. Lighting will be...
  11. R

    Quantum boards - Tips and advice

    So I've decided I want to try a quantum board LED for my next grow light. In particular the HLG 135 or 185 watt kit. Does anyone run a quantum board and what advice can you give to someone who is new to them?
  12. thedaveabides

    March 2016 - Daveabides The Quantum Kush Quest For 30% - Soil - T5/HPS

    WELCOME BACK!! We're very excited to be making final preparations for beginning the next grow. I say "we" because I have a partner you all have yet to meet; we may drag him out here into the light this time around :2: We're growing Quantum Kush from seed this run. We're using unmodified...
  13. BendMMC

    Quantum T5 Badboy

    Quantum Horticulture Products | Take the Quantum Leap I recently purchased a Quantum T5 Badboy 12 lamp Light. I'm very impressed wih the results of this unit. My plants are at the moment, 5 weeks old, 10"-12" height, 14"-16" width. I'm getting explosive growth! I'm moving this light every other...
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