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  1. Ron Strider

    First Medical, Then Recreational: Montreal Marijuana Plant Opens

    For now, little clusters of green leaves make up the "mother plants" inside the Aurora medical cannabis facility that just opened in Pointe-Claire. They look more like small house plants than the "source of all the genetic material" the company's executive vice-president Cam Battley says...
  2. Ron Strider

    The Quebec Government Wants The Province To Grow More Marijuana

    Not wanting to fall behind on the marijuana growing game, the provincial government is pushing for more licensed pot-growers in Quebec. Members of the Couillard government are expected to make the case to federal politicians for expedited licensed marijuana producer certifications granted to...
  3. Ron Strider

    Quebec Unveils 'Zero-Tolerance' Marijuana Plan: No Home-Grown Cannabis Allowed

    Quebec will have zero tolerance for driving-while-high under its plan for legalized marijuana use and sale. Under draft legislation introduced Thursday, the province's Liberal government would authorize police to test saliva samples from drivers and allow police to immediately suspend the...
  4. Ron Strider

    Canada: Legal Marijuana - 'Cannabis Quebec' Law To Be Tabled Thursday

    The Couillard government is set to table its long-awaited framework law outlining how the legalization of marijuana will work in Quebec. But the province also says it wouldn't mind having more time — a year if possible — to implement the complex new system. "Would it be better if we had an...
  5. Ron Strider

    Canada: Legal Age To Buy Pot Will Be 18, And It Won't Be Sold At Déps

    Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has made the call: the minimum age for the consumption of legal marijuana in Quebec will be 18. After several intense Liberal caucus meetings where everyone was allowed to express their views on the tricky issue, Couillard Thursday made a final decision...
  6. Oldbear

    Seed Bank Use?

    Hi all Does anyone have any experience with Montreal Cannabis Seeds or Quebec Cannabis Seeds?
  7. Ron Strider

    Canada: Quebec Groups Worried About Impact Of Cannabis In The Workplace

    Quebec's largest labor federation and a major business group say the provincial government needs to pay particular attention to the workplace consequences of cannabis use. The Quebec Federation of Labor and the federation that represents Quebec's chambers of commerce made the comments today...
  8. K.puff&stuff

    Looking for doctor in Quebec

    Hi I'm looking for a doctor in Montreal Quebec to get a prescription. all i have been getting is clowns asking for 3000 dollars for a prescription and maybe a license to grow my own. I don't think I'm going to give 3000 to some clown lawyer. Unbelievable how the rats come out of hiding. Please...
  9. K.puff&stuff

    Hello new to the site

    Hello all thank you for reading my intro Im here to learn about cannabis use and how to grow it. Im also looking on how these laws will play out in Quebec I hope to be able to get answers to the question im looking to get answered Thank you Kennneth65 Quebec Canada
  10. Ron Strider

    Canada: Alimentation Couche-Tard Keen On Selling Cannabis In Convenience Stores

    If Quebec’s biggest chain of convenience stores has its way, customers will eventually be able to buy cannabis along with their chips, beer and cigarettes. Alimentation Couche-Tard has hired a lobbyist to work on ensuring it is involved in the cannabis-distribution system Quebec will eventually...
  11. L

    Hi from Quebec!

    A warm Hi from Quebec in the snowy day! Have a great day everyone!
  12. L

    Quebec's Strain Origins

    Can we help list all the most popular outdoor strains used in QC and Montreal areas with history and details From what I've remembered we had 1.Quebec gold 2.Kemo 3. Freezeline 4.m39 :thanks:
  13. S

    Speed by Sweet Seeds & KC 45 Outdoor

    Hi mates, i'm new to growing. I have 1 +speed and 2 Kc45 that just germed, and I'm waiting for them to pop up. I was so excited when I saw the little tap root break the seed, I can't imagine how I will feel if I get to smoke my own ganja, must be a wonderful feeling :D My plan is to start them...
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