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    Quest Diagnostics Pre-Employment Test Help, A Few Questions

    Hey, all. I have a Quest Diagnostics pre-employment drug test for a very important position coming up. I received the chain of custody form in the mail today, and I plan to schedule the test for probably this Friday(3/5) or Saturday(3/6). I last smoked on Saturday 2/20. I smoke 3-4 times a week...
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    I have a Quest diagnostics question

    For all those that live in California and especially here in Los Angeles county..... When you took your drug test how much did they search you? What was the minimum amount of urine they needed? What was your experience? I would really appreciate any info and thank you for reading my post
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    Fluctuating metabolite levels? Freaking out, please help!

    Sigh. I'm a complete mess. I took a pre-employment drug test at Quest Diagnostics on 8/4 and have not yet heard back. On my copy of the control form, the employer's address/phone number is exactly the same as the MRO's address/phone number so I am assuming if I tested positive for THC...
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    Test @ Concentra sent to Quest Diagnostics used BC Entities Field Kit

    Took a test using BC Field Entities Kit batch made 01/15/14. Took the test at Concentra in Wisco 2 days ago. They told me all testing is done at the lab now. Maybe because of the CMC-10 panel standard screen. Looks like the lab is Quest Diagnostics with address in Kansas. Temp was perfect no...
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