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  1. J


    Everytime I try to upload a photo the following scene will say unable to upload. Also have two photo in queue what does that mean. Thanks
  2. Alchemist420

    Uploaded Images sitting in Queue

    Anyone else having issue with uploading images and them sitting in the queue and never posting ??? I just sent a PM to the only Admin or Mod showing online. It is not computer or browser related. I went and signed on with a different computer and browser and could see the images I uploaded...
  3. Botani

    Can't upload photos

    I was uploading photos fine for a few weeks but yesterday I took my 1st 3 pictures of my outdoor crop and they came to around 2.2 to 2.6 mb each and now they are stuck in queue and when I click on the number in queue it says pictures were successfully uploaded but they don't upload and when I...