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  1. TorturedSoul

    Clicking on the Edit Button Initiates a Quick Reply, Instead

    This one is only a minor annoyance. So much (err... little?) so that I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. But it has been present through the last couple of forum software version upgrades and many incremental Firefox upgrades on my end. So I thought I'd mention it; if, for no other...
  2. P

    1st grow 1st post - Quick sexing question

    High All, Just a quick question, did I get lucky and end up with a female? Managed to kill 5 before semi-figuring out what I was doing with regard to PH, nutrients and most of all water temp, I knew one day CPU overclocking experience would come in handy for something else. Made my own...
  3. S

    Quick hellooo

    All good Flick (nickname) uk First grow underway. I'm over 50. Good sense of humour. Ex heroin user. Nice site. Lurked for ages and joined today. Stumbling through the grow. 4 plants. Sativa heavy strains. Fed up with paying for crap weed so I took the plunge. Learning curve not too...
  4. B

    Anyone running 400W HPS - Quick question

    I'm thinking of adding hps to my grow....my concern is heat. I have a mall cab 33x33x40 I have good ventilation set-up and would use a cool tube...do you think I could keep the heat down? I would like to go 400 but if heat would be problem than I was thinking of Maybe a 250 instead...
  5. Mono

    Mono's Monster 4.0

    :welcome: Moving on from the 12/12 from seed journal, it's about time the big girl got a thread of her own ;) This should be a relatively quick journal as she has less than 10 weeks until harvest time. I've paid a bit more attention in veg this time, along side a smaller pot here is hoping...
  6. N

    Hi new to forum - Quick question on nutrients?

    Hope everyone is cool I've just got a couple of Swiss skunk plants grown from seed. They look good and are around a foot tall . I was wondering if anybody could offer their opinion as to what's the best nutrients for both veg and flowering stages?? I currently have them in coir compost under...
  7. S

    Quick question regarding hps bulb

    So ive setup an indoor using a 250 hps bulb. Long story short, i tried sticking it to the wall with masking tape and scotch but they melted, the bulb fell, burnt the floor and almost lit my whole house on fire. What do you guys use? Any way to prevent this from happening again?
  8. S

    Can someone tell me what's happening to my girl?

    I am going on the 4th week of flowering and the leaves and smaller buds on the bottom of the plant are dying(hairs disappear and is left with a scentless bud) and its spreading to the top of the plant. My guess is that it is either a salt build up problem or a P and K deficiency. Can someone...
  9. D

    1st week of flower

    1st week of flower I still can't tell which is male or female, I'm still new to this and im using seeds out the bud bag ... when should I be able to tell?
  10. S

    Quick question about stem oil/sap?

    Hello everyone just a quick question. When I rub the plants stem I get a crazy stinky(beautiful) smell of the plants (no pun intended) and also get a little sticky and oily im guessing from the "oil/sap?" Is there anything I can do with that or just use it as a great way to smell the plants...
  11. N

    Weird spots on lower leaves spreading quickly

    Hey Y'all! First time grower here needing some much needed urgent help for my girls. Lights: 600W MH through Veg then changing to HPS. 24/7 Age: Almost a month old. Medium: Happy Frog with a little extra perlite for drainage. Container: 5 gallon pots transplanted from solo cups. FIMd...
  12. B

    Hydro water change out question

    I'm planning on changing out the nutrient water tomorrow of my grow to simply combat the rising ppm level that apparently I've been causing via adding ph down and I have a few quick questions. Quick info: Aerogarden ultra White widow auto flower (18 days old) 1. Should I do a quick flush...
  13. Mono

    Mono's 12/12 From Seed - Test Grow

    :welcome: Hi Everyone, new year... New Start... I've got some big plans coming over the next few months - After a discussion with Mrs Mono it was decided to do a quick test grow to see how a specific strain responds before using it as the guinea pig ;) This is a quick 12/12 from seed...
  14. D

    Medical Quick Turnaround Strain

    Hi all, need some help, I have a compact closet set up with great exhaust system, big enough for 2 x plants but only 3 foot high maximum with a 150 watt hps. My question is can any one recommend a very quick yet potent strain ( indica for sleep purposes?) Need one that is quick from seed...
  15. WestCoastDwar

    New to the community

    hey guys i just joined the community and i thought id say hello to everyone. i will be starting a grow journal here pretty quick so be on the look out for that. cheers
  16. A

    A few questions

    Hi all, I am going to attempt my first grow and i have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My equipment Home made grow box 120Hx100Wx70Lcm, lined with mylar sheeting, Bulb: 300w dual spectrum cfl (Dual 300w 8u CFL Hydroponics Eco Grow Light Lamp: Amazon.co.uk: Lighting)...
  17. J

    How to quicken plant growth

    Hello all I started my first indoor grow op almost a month ago, and have been annoyed by how slow the plant is growing. I realise growing is a patient sport, however, I cannot help but think that my plant could be growing a hell of a lot faster. Especially since in my outdoor grow, I forgot...
  18. Smokemupm8

    Quickdrying your test buds!

    Hey mate, fellow aussie here.. Ur plants look ok tho i think they may be little under developed as opposed to you leaving the fan leaves on her.. Ive heard do/dont trim argument and im for tucking or tying unless they diseased or dead.. I tend to like my girls to grow without much interference...
  19. D

    Passing drug Test's Specifics

    Ive seen all the threads about getting THC outta your system, but how long would it take someone to get clean after smoking if they NEVER smoke. I know if you smoke consistently it takes roughly a month. Is this shorter if you never smoke? I smoked saturday after not smoking for 6 moths. now...
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