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  1. Ron Strider

    Miley Cyrus Quit Smoking Marijuana Because She Thought It Would Kill Her

    Miley Cyrus decided to come clean about why she got clean. The "Malibu" singer recently revealed her decision to quit smoking marijuana telling Billboard in May she wanted to be "super clear and sharp." Now, Cyrus is telling Jimmy Fallon she quit pot because she feared it might kill her...
  2. L

    Test coming up - Detox questions

    Okayy, hello everyone. I'm sure people are tired of seeing methods of people wanting to know how to detox THC and wonder "why dont they just quit?" wellllllll, I have quit and I have a drug test coming up for probation and I'm still scared that the amount of time they have given me to get clean...
  3. O

    Auto quit drinking!!!

    So, I am a little worried!!! Late in flower, day???(getting close to 8 weeks I think) 1 of the 2 just quit drinking the last 2 days! I have been cramming feed down their throats but everything has seemed ok up till tonight. Any ideas? Trichs are cloudy but not 1 amber yet!!! Little worries!!!! OG79
  4. P

    Hello from WI

    Old newbie here. Grew up in a place with very little weed knowledge. We had Skunk, Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, & Red Thai. Most likely it was all the same dirt with different stamps on the bag. Anyway, all it did was make me kinda sleepy so I quit it for decades. A few months ago I was...