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  1. Blueleaf

    Auto Somango & Auto Tangerine Dream

    Hello everybody! So my introduction will be this journal. :volcano-smiley: Please excuse me for the lack of comprehensive description of the grow I'm currently doing, I'm quite a minimalistic person (in everything, haha). This isn't my first grow, but I call myself an advanced noob. I'm...
  2. dom2mac

    Tap root up or down?

    As a new grower, I have been doing a lot of research on optimal growing techniques. I am a firm believer that a community can reach a consensus and quite frankly on this topic I am having a hard time finding what everyone thinks is the optimal way to plant your seeds. So do you: Plant the...
  3. S

    First Grow - Indoor

    Hey guys, Your forums have been a valuable resource and has taught me so much! As you can see by quantity, this is purely for my own use and grown in my own home as an experiment and to get into touch with mother nature and the love, happiness and clarity regular cannabis use has brought to...
  4. C

    Yellow leaves drying out

    Hello, I am growing two plants in soil, currently they are 18 days old and during the past few days lower leaves turned yellow and then started to dry out. After consulting several websites I have concluded that it can either be a nutrient deficiency or a light burn as the plants were quite...
  5. S

    Name This Pest?

    Guys I need some info on this pest, I've looked around and didn't find anything quite like it. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  6. S

    Lil help again

    In need of a lil help again what are these that are forming under my buds there is quite a few on each stem any help appreciated tia
  7. S

    Diatomaceous Earth for youngsters

    Hey guys, a very kind member suggested i use sillica to strengthen up the roots of my 4 week olds, as they got quite leggy in their early days. Has anyone ever used Diatomaceous Earth as a sillica source for their plants, and if so, how did you go about dispensing it to them? I use...
  8. W

    Back pain and sleeping

    What would you recommend the best way of transitioning from quite a few prescription drugs to mmj? Thanks weaviem
  9. OttawaGreen

    Which autoflower strains recommended for outdoor Canadian grow?

    I have some friends who want to do two outdoor crop this year so they can do an early harvest with AutoS and a late harvest with photos. What autos do you guys recommend for outdoor growing here in Canada? Very interested in dark devil auto as it is quite the beautiful plant that everyone seems...
  10. Gonzfather

    Help! Babies are dying!

    I have some sort of deficiency and can't quite pinpoint it. Leaves are yellowing between veins!
  11. B

    BuckietDweller - Crop King Seeds - Early Miss - 2015

    Day Zero - The Seeds Arrived I am excited to let you all know I'll be starting my very first grow journal today with one of the Early Miss Autoflowering seeds I acquired by mail from Crop King Seeds located in British Columbia; a western province of the distant land of Canada. The...