1. EzExtractions

    ISO Extraction Journal

    Sup guys gonna be documenting some of my latest ISO Oil Extractions here , will have tons of pictures so feel free to stop by and say whats up and drool at the golden goodness . Strain: Outdoor Blue Cheese Weight: 4.4g Return Weight: 0.8g Return Percentage: 19% Number of Washes: 8 Wash...
  2. CaliPho3niX

    Hash oil, QWISO or BHO, mixed with honey in capsules?

    So I'm hoping maybe someone in these forums might have some personal experience with this, I've already tried searching the web as well as 420Mag posts and can't find a mention in the last 2-3 years. A local dispensary here sells these "wicked hash oil" capsules which are quite a bit more...
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