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  1. VexGrows

    Vex's Vault - Dual RADDWC Veg & Bloom Chambers - Various Strains - Dual LED

    Hello fellow 420 enthusiasts, and welcome to my new perpetual journey! I wanted to start this journal while the new space and system are still in the planning/design/build stages. I'm hoping to share my ideas and gain some feedback from the crew! This should be a blast! The journal's details...
  2. VexGrows

    Vex's 1st Fluxing - Be Gentle - Cookies Kush - PS Dwarf Star - RADDWC - Dewey Misters

    Hey All! :welcome: to my new GJ where I attempt to flux 1 plant following Light Addicts' detailed steps (thanks LA!) in a hybrid Recirculating Aero Dewey Deep Water Culture rig, dubbed "RADDWC". Don't judge me. lol ;) So please, sit back and enjoy the ride. Should be interesting, as PennyWise...