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  1. S

    Does Rez with galvanized metal stabilizators need coating because of fertilizer?

    Hi, in my reservoir (a big rectangle rain barell) there are three thin galvanized stabilizators. They go from one side to the other of the rain barell and their purpose is to prevent the rain barell from breaking when it is filled, because of the water pressure on the side walls. See the small...
  2. T

    Rain Rain Go Away! Help

    Almost done and tropical storm has ravaged my Buds !!! What to do, fans possibly ? I am outdoors but have generator,thinking about getting some air circulating. Any helpful ideas greatly appreciated .
  3. P

    Please help me make it stop

    Ive got a plant gettin slowly sicker and sicker on me and i dont know what to do. Im starting to feel like the guy that just throws parts at a broken car trying to fix it. Also, im partially colorblind. So when most people google "lime green leaves with brown edges", im googling "leaf edges...
  4. Justones

    1st grow - In flower & weather changing

    This is my first grow. I have two girls in large pots (nearly 15 gal) I'm about 48 days into flowering. Mostly a sativa type plant. Trichnomes are getting cloudy. No amber ones & the pystils are still mostly white. The night temps have been dropping. Between 58/65 degrees at night. Then...
  5. HashGirl

    Crop King Hash Plants Dying?

    Good morning. My husband planted 5 Hash Plants in the spring and they were doing pretty well until the drought ended. We've had rain often in the past 3 or 4 days and the leaves on the plants are now drooping and going yellow and brown and he thinks it's from all the rain but adding nutrients...
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