rainforest 66

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    New grower, first grow, scrog (help!), LED, mini CO2,Rainforest 66

    This is my first grow (except for home gardening of vegetables) and here are some pictures of my ladies now that the seedlings (2nd set of leaves) are 4 1/2 weeks old. They are THC Bomb in a rainforest 66, nutes according to Lucas Formula (gen hydro micro and bloom in 1-2 ratio at 8ml Micro and...
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    Completed THC Bomb in 2x3 Tent w/Rainforest - LED - SCROG Gregoryhhh Grow Journal

    Can someone who knows grows look at these 4 1/2 week old plants and tell me what they look like and critique this grow in any way please? THC Bomb Feminized Seeds (rated "well higher than 20% THC" and 7-9 week flower 1 HydroGrow Sol2 100 watt LED system (2x3ft at 12") 2x3x5 Grow Tent Gen...
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    Completed 1st Grow - Rainforest 66 & DWC System - 400W HID - 8 Different Strains - Hydroponics

    1/17/2012- Grow room construction completed. -Have a decent sized closet that I turned into my veg. room. I will either use the other closet (there is an identical closet right next to this closet) or get a grow tent to flower in. -Attitude Seed Bank was having a nice promotion so i...
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