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  1. K

    Alkaline Water

    Will alkaline water raise soil pH safely?
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Reality Check: Could Legalizing Cannabis Raise £1bn?

    The claim: The Liberal Democrat manifesto says that legalizing cannabis would raise £1bn for the Exchequer. Reality Check verdict: £1bn seems like a reasonable estimate, although most of the figures used to make it are based on uncertain figures about currently illegal activities. When the...
  3. C

    Seedlings burned from light - Need good advice please

    So I have started some reg jesus kush seeds and they got burnt under 200 wat floru cfl 6500k I was very sick in bed for a couple days I wasn't watching them closely i forgot to raise the light after they sprouted ...since they r reg seeds don't know if i should waste time hoping they will...
  4. 4

    1st Grow - Crop King Seeds Purple Kush

    I am a complete newbie to growing plants in general, and have killed most of the herbs I've tried to raise. I'm hoping that weed is a bit hardier. :2: Strain CropKing Seeds Purple Kush Feminized #Plants 2 Grow box DIY 48" x 37" x 21" Bucket Size 10 gallon Smart...
  5. treezzz

    pH help!

    hi everyone. i just started my first indoor grow in soil and i am trying to keep a low budget. i happened to find a bottle of "pH up" in my closet that is used for raising the pH of hot tub water. it is one hundred percent sodium bicarbonate. i was just wondering if anyone knew if this is safe...
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