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    CA: Pro-Cannabis Regulation Group Raises $167,000

    Proponents of efforts to regulate the cannabis industry in Calaveras County have received and spent more money than the rest of the contested battles combined in advance of the Nov. 8 election. Statements submitted last week by the Yes on D, Calaveras for Cannabis Control and Regulation...
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    Thousands Raised In First Months Of 2016 For Arkansas Medical Marijuana Battle

    Thousands of dollars have been raised in the first few months of 2016 for the battle to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas. Two initiatives to legalize medical marijuana have been approved and are in the process of gathering signatures to appear on the November ballot. One was approved...
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    Florida Medical Marijuana Backers Raise More Than $90K In February

    The group backing the effort to legalize medical marijuana raised more than $90,000 in February. People United for Medical Marijuana raised $90,323 in February, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Division of Elections. Top donors during the one-month fundraising period...