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  1. Ron Strider

    Mike Tyson Preparing To Revolutionize Marijuana Industry Breaks Ground On Tyson Ranch

    Mike Tyson is starting the New Year with green on his mind, because he's leading the charge on a cannabis resort that aims at not only producing high quality strains of THC and CBD, but also implementing cutting-edge technology to advance the research on the health benefits of marijuana. On...
  2. B

    Dear Growers

    Greetings 420 Readers, As a legal user of cannabis products in WashingtonState, I appreciate the value of this amazing plant. I have had 3 back surgeries, and shoulder and knee replacements. Cannabis helped me threw all of these with little use of addictive narcotics. We have deep, rich...
  3. Ron Strider

    CA: Four Pot Bust In As Many Days In Calaveras County

    Calaveras County Sheriff's Office Marijuana Enforcement Team's this past week raided three properties in Mountain Ranch and one in San Andreas that netted nearly 600 plants, over a thousand pounds of marijuana and several arrests — most disturbing was the human waste found near a ground well...
  4. S

    Large outdoor grow - 1-2 acres - Help?

    Greetings everyone! Jim here, from Ireland. I've got a few amateurish questions for you professionals. I truly apologize if these are annoying in your eyes, but please bear with someone who is not knowledgeable in the industry! Very well, here we go. To start off, I am planning...