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random seed

  1. eddieo

    Found a seed in female plant?

    Hey guys this is my first indoor grow. Basically today I was flushing my plant and I was moving some clay pebbles about and I found a sprouted seed on the surface of the pebbles. My plant is currently in veg stage about 6-7weeks in. Heres a few details about my grow *Grow tent 60x60x160...
  2. H

    Found Magic in the Garden

    So I found this plant in my mothers garden. It must have been a seed I threw off the porch or something. So, I took it and potted it in organic soil! :) I put her in a bathtub and under twenty four hour light. Then I sat back and watched her grow:) Then I got some more lights opened up...
  3. M

    So I started growing again and I need help

    I have a couple of questions. I started some plants 27 days ago from seed. I have a 4 pot 4 gallon tub I believe I may be mistaken check the pictures. I changed out the water a week ago and the plants got shocked some how. However they have picked up with new roots and growth :high-five:. My...