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  1. C

    Pass a DOT urinalysis - I just did in 2 weeks plus a random pass technique

    So I have to take both random and scheduled drug tests. I use sub solution prank urine with a thigh strap and it works. It's the best if not monitored because you can heat it with the provided warming powder in seconds...but you must shake the bottle so be ready to gently shake it for 30 seconds...
  2. T

    Help! Any info or opinion welcome - DOT drug test

    Hey guys, so I'm going to try and lay out my position as clearly as possible. I'm hoping to get some feedback on what some people with more experience in this area than I can give. I work for a company where I have to have a Class E license (drive for hire license in my state) I am aware that...
  3. Y

    First timer - Need some random help

    Hey guys. This is my first post and first grow. Have a few questions related to lighting, cloning and timing. Plant has been watered and kept clean of pests and ailments. 1) Lights, I have purchased some LED bulbs from a local store. They are 5000k, 65 Watt equivalent(8 watts actual) and...
  4. EvosOverSTIs

    Buds I have from a random killer strain I grew outdoor

    , plucked some a little early:thumb:
  5. B

    3 x Indoor LED - 3 x Outdoor - Unknown Strains

    It's been a busy year here and after taking some time off growing I have started a new grow.. As I've only been keeping photos over the past few weeks, this post will be a quick update to where I am followed by more posts as I go along.. Same setup as before for the indoor plants as I did...
  6. K

    MA: Hanover - Proposed Medical Marijuana Shop

    There's a proposal for a medical marijuana shop in Hanover. Mass Organic Therapy wants to build a nearly 500,000-square-foot building on Washington Street. Operators told the planning board that they'd grow the pot in Webster and have dispensaries in Hanover and Oxford. If approved, the...
  7. D

    Seeds - Why the high female ratio?

    Just a question on growing seeds, do they mostly germinate and sprout and grow into females? 20 of my 21 plants grew female. These are random seeds. I'm really impressed, did I just have good luck or is this normal?
  8. M

    11 Day Old Beauties - First Grow!

    Day 11, Temp is a constant struggle. Just made 2 vents with mesh filter seem to be making no difference. Other than that the seem very healthy. Running 6 150w CFLs so far hardly no questionable stretch being a ft away from the light. Using FoxFarm Ocean Forrest. They were just transplanted...
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