rapid rooters

  1. B

    Abandoned Cali Bag Seed Grow Journal - 2015

    I am in the process of starting my first hydro grow! I have gotten quality bagseeds that was taken from cali bud, at least I am hoping so. I am growing these out of my closet and am slowly adding on to the grow with new lights, etc. I started the grow on Friday, so I am just 5 days into my grow...
  2. R

    did I overwater my seeds?

    Hi all, I'm a first time grower with some concerns about watering. Sunday (May 10), I started these seeds in rapid rooters... 3X PPP 3X crystal 4X mystery seeds First, I soaked my seeds for eight hours. Then I placed them into rapid rooters and then put the rapid rooters in coco coir...
  3. anonjuice420

    First real shot at DWC

    Hey guys im anonjuice i just signed up today in hopes to get some advice on my current grow. So i guess ill start off with my set up i grow one plant at a time: 5gallon DWC 250w CFL airpump with bubble bar and airstone rapid rooters nutes: Humboldt honey Voodoo juice Floraduo A&B...
  4. WizHigh

    I See Roots!? Or Am I seeing things?

    First time cloning and I think I have lift off with Stany Dank clone :thumb: These are roots right? I went to tug on the little one and she slipped out the starter plug and I seen white, dont know if it was fungus are what. I placed it back in the dome and mist of course before replanting it in...
  5. X

    Completed Xlr8's PPP and Snow White grow cab journal 2009

    Hi all - I thought I would attempt to journal my first grow - first of all, I welcome constructive feedback, and feel free to give any valuable advice you might have here! A few details - Really only trying to provide for myself, so this is small scale. I'm starting with PPP and Snow...
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