1. santiago19

    BioBizz BioBloom

    Hi I bought a bottle of Biobloom last week, seeing that I only see and hear good things about it. On the front of the bottle it says NPK ratio is 2-7-4, which is good for cannabis in my opinion, but on the back where the finer details are its says (N) 19,2g/kg (P) 26,6g/kg (K) 30,1g/kg...
  2. K

    NPK ratio for flowering

    This is my first indoor grow and so far so good. I have started my 12/12 cycle about a week ago. I have 2 300 watt full spectrum leds in a 48x24x60 grow tent. I used a 24 8 16 npk fertilizer for veg. I was wondering which is better for flowering a 1 2 1 ratio or a 1 3 2.
  3. K

    Fan leaves to butter ratio

    Hi, So I have made some great butter in the past with bud and sugar leaf trim. I just got a big bag of fan leaves which I decarbed and ground. Now I have 10oz's of ground trim and trying to figure out what ratio to go with. I have always heard 2oz trim to 1lb of butter but where these are big...
  4. farside05

    Completed Farside05's Science Fair Project

    Here we go. Grow #5. This round I’ll be growing four Painkiller XLs by Royal Queen Seeds. It’s the first time I’m growing all of the same strain so I’m going to use the opportunity as an experiment. Here is the premise: It’s been stated by the President of Dyna-Gro (the nute line I use)...
  5. B

    Crop King Seeds 10 Pack Mix

    Hi everyone happy to post my first thread here :), I was struggling in flowering stage with my last plant, only to find out that it had build up nitrogen to a harmful toxicity level. Mostly I've been told, because I did not change the ratio of nutrients when switching to 12/12. I'm currently...
  6. M

    Is she there yet?

    First time grower here looking forward to their first time harvest. Now I don't have a magnifier so I am going off the colour ratio of hairs. From what I've read, a good ratio is about 70/30. 70 being brown and 30 being white, is this correct? And I know this is just a photo and might be...
  7. S

    Male to Female ratio?

    I have searched everywhere to get something about the male to female ratio of cannabis plants but can't really find anything, and I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured flowering cycle makes sense. In you guy's experience, when using non-feminized seeds, or even bagseed, what where your...
  8. Curly Beaver

    Grand Daddy Purple: What is ratio of Indica/Sativa ?

    I can't find this ratio, and I am unable to find an e-mail address for Ken Estes site. Anyone know what it is?
  9. P

    Light, spectrum and help

    Hi, i write here becouse probably on this forum i was saw something about spectrum (i forget where i saw it). First i want to apalogize becouse my english its not so good. I hope i explain good what i want to say. Then now: I was saw here something like a "calculator". Its calculator with...
  10. S

    LED help!

    Hey guys, i have posted this on a few other websites but didn't get anywhere near as much help as i thought i would (a bit of attitude too!). Hey all, first post on this site, usually use another but there is way more info on LED lights here! Was just after a little bit of advice. I just...
  11. B

    Don't have much but I wanna try!

    First off I have indeed smoked my fair share of bowls so the feeling of it is VERY familiar to me. I recently aquired 6g of some pretty dank stuff (1 hit gets you pretty damn far!) and I am curious about making some food. I know that butter is one of the most common ways to consume...
  12. I

    Pot Butter

    how much butter would i use if i have two grams of high quality medical bud to make bud butter?? And how good will it be??
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