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rdwc recirculating deep

  1. S

    Sincity WN December 2014-2015 4K Grow

    This is my first medical indoor grow ever. I've grown outdoors before but I've learned that indoor is a whole other animal. I'm less than a month in and I've already learned a ton from the hydro shop I go to, my brother who is also a caregiver and the 100 threads and journals I've read on this...
  2. Hydrologist

    Help me and a friend figure out RDWC? recirculating deep water culture

    So a friend gave me this amazing ass chiller! I've been running DWC and I gatta figure out a way to incorporate this thing into my freaking set up!! Its definetly a beast! So I figure I gatta do RDWC. But with only one bucket. So i've drawn up two examples i've thought of on how to do this...
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