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  1. sneekymofo

    Sneeky’s RDWC Wedding Cake, 2021

    The Plan This is my second attempt in this closet with this particular setup. Some things I have to fix BEFORE starting: flip my intake fan to intake instead of exhaust (because the pull on the tent has been so bad with that much suction I feel like I’m going to rip the canvas off the frame - I...
  2. DazedSpirit

    Hey: how, high, are you?

    Hey All! I am new to this forum and new to the growing scene. I am now on my second grow solo (first scrog), and have been a part of four collectively. I am doing hydro for medicinal reasons. This place seems pretty dope, I'm looking forward to getting to know people and share what little i...
  3. Runtz Muffin Roots

    Runtz Muffin Roots

  4. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

  5. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

  6. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

  7. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

  8. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

  9. Runtz Muffin Seedlings

    Runtz Muffin Seedlings

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  11. GoogleGenie

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal SP 3000: Blue Kush, RDWC, ScrOG

    Hey guys, thanks for stopping by :thanks: I will be flipping my 4 Blue Kush ladies to flowering in the next couple of days. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show how I grow in RDWC using Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED lights. This run will be in Coco in RDWC. I really like Mars Hydro...
  12. GoogleGenie

    GoogleGenie Returns: Wedding Cake & Friends, Coco & RDWC, LED, ScrOG

    Hey guys! It's been a long time - almost 5 years. But I'm back. I've been growing again this past couple of years and thought I'd share what I'm up to. What strain is it? Wedding Cake Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 80% Indica, 20% Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just...
  13. r0am1ng st0ner

    2021 Barneys Runtz Muffin In A RDWC 4x4 Scrog & Mars LED

    Well it is time, This morning I popped 2 Runtz Muffin. These are a brand new (when I bought them 3-4 months ago) strain by Barney's Farm, they are Zkittlez x Gelato #33 x Orange Punch with expectations to have massive amounts of thc up to their number of 29% possible. They should be in prepared...
  14. RDWC plumbing

    RDWC plumbing

    -fresh water feed has elbow to divert water but I have seen and liked the use of a T instead to divert to the sides, might change -second air line not in its hole because it shares the air stone with my teapot and I have tape over hole to block light
  15. RDWC plumbing

    RDWC plumbing

    Tees in both the return and feed lines, silicone on all uniseals.
  16. RDWC plumbing

    RDWC plumbing

    -Black abs used because white pvc let in a ton of light from my flashlight -Don't want the u in pipe so I go through zipper not hole -other pipe is fresh water feed
  17. RDWC plumbing

    RDWC plumbing

    low gassing aquarium silicone put in the groove of uniseals and never seen a drop of water leak even with buckets full to beyond net pot.
  18. r0am1ng st0ner

    Stoner's RDWC & Soil Grow With Mixed Strains

    **Pictures to come in 12-24 hours when I track down the camera** Phew well hey everyone been a long minute since I have posted on here, started qualifying year at my local university and things got super busy real fast. I got into the mechanical engineering department for second year after...
  19. medhatgrower

    DIY RDWC setup: I'd appreciate your input

    I'm building a new DIY RDWC build. Should it be: (a) just like the picture in the attachment... (b) kind of like the attachment, but 2 bulkheads on each bucket (c) more like a "Current Culture" kind of setup with an undercurrent... (d) try this...

    Can seeds go directly into DWC?

    There is not a lot about this specifically so I thought I'd share my experience. I am having major success. Assuming your system is all set up correctly, put your rockwool with your seed on your medium, fill your medium up just to the height of your rockwool. Cover your rockwool holes with...
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