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  1. MagicJim

    Magic Or Mayhem

    Always something new for me when growing this beautiful plant. I'm still very much a newbie grower. During my last grow I think I finally found a couple ways of keeping clones alive. I now have 12 clones and 3 re-veg girls from my first tent grow so I'm going to flip the whole shooting match...
  2. F

    Bubblegummer Grow V2.0

    Strain: Female Seeds "Bubblegummer" Feminized Flowering time: 56 days Height: 60 - 80cm Seed to Harvest: 77 days Harvest: high Taste / Smell: Sweet and fruity bubble gum odour and taste Primarily Sativa Currently in Re-Veg for 26 days Grow type: Hempy Bucket Bucket size: 2 gallon Medium...
  3. Sorenna

    Sorenna's - 2015 - Strawberry Blue Reveg in Soil under Mars LED

    Hi my 420 friendlies. :1: Well, Im already missing my journal and the only remedy I know for that malady is to make a new one! Weeee! So, here we go: What strain is it? Strawberry Blue Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa dominant - I dont know the percentages...