1. HydroponicFireman

    Completed Whippersnapper Re-Veg: A Learning Process, 1st Attempt

    So it has begun... This is something I've never done before, so I decided to document it. I'll be doing a grow journal about re-vegging which will be limited to: 1) growing from (NON-feminized) seed 2) flowering as quickly as possible with limited vegetative time 3) identifying and...
  2. MagicJim

    Completed Magic Or Mayhem

    Always something new for me when growing this beautiful plant. I'm still very much a newbie grower. During my last grow I think I finally found a couple ways of keeping clones alive. I now have 12 clones and 3 re-veg girls from my first tent grow so I'm going to flip the whole shooting match...
  3. F

    Completed Bubblegummer Grow V2.0

    Strain: Female Seeds "Bubblegummer" Feminized Flowering time: 56 days Height: 60 - 80cm Seed to Harvest: 77 days Harvest: high Taste / Smell: Sweet and fruity bubble gum odour and taste Primarily Sativa Currently in Re-Veg for 26 days Grow type: Hempy Bucket Bucket size: 2 gallon Medium...
  4. Sorenna

    Completed Sorenna's - 2015 - Strawberry Blue Reveg in Soil under Mars LED

    Hi my 420 friendlies. :1: Well, Im already missing my journal and the only remedy I know for that malady is to make a new one! Weeee! So, here we go: What strain is it? Strawberry Blue Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa dominant - I dont know the percentages...
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