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  1. V

    Grow light LED - Need advice

    Hello Everyone, I'll soon be starting (first time) a batch of white widow (just ordered from Crop King Seeds - hopefully I'll find the time to post a nice journal on 420 forum. So I'm getting everything ready. I was looking at about 4-5 plants in a 4x4 grow tent (initially considered 5x5...
  2. H

    Looking for book recommendations for organic growing

    I would like to learn all there is to know about organic gardening from start to finish. This includes even the most basic info on how plants grow and use photosynthesis. Can someone point me in the right direction or recommend a first couple of books to read as a start? Preferably books that...
  3. C

    Nutrition or wait - 13 days in

    Im 13 days into my grow started from seed they are booming have been using root growth up till now im asking if its to early to add total nutrition plant food i have read diffrent thing hoping someone with couple grows could help me out Thanks
  4. O

    Auto light schedule

    Hey, not sure if this topics been covered before but I'm wondering if autos really benefit the most from a 24/0 light schedule. I've read elsewhere that all plants need rest and then I've also read that it doesn't matter what schedule they get. If you start on a certain schedule, like 24/0, will...
  5. agrlhasnoname

    Trouble with lights and my brain

    Hello all, I have been thinking a lot about setting up an indoor grow system for a while now and have been trying to research... but no matter how much I read I don't think I'll ever figure out who Kelvin is and what he does with his watts haha. I was wondering if a 450w led light would be...
  6. G

    Total newbie

    :Namaste: hey there, I'm Pete Wanna try and grow some myself from scratch and eager to learn! Thanks for having me *read read read*
  7. Q


    Hey guys. Quick intro. Looking forward to read you guys and explore the forums. Looks massive.
  8. E

    How does this seedling look? It's been growing slow

    Was curious on the opinion of the more experienced. My seedling is slowly growing, I know I had overwatered, I hadn't watered again until the soil was dry near completely. Also I noticed my cfl wasn't at a 6500k spectrum so I made that adjustment as well. My ph is in between 6-7. Just my...
  9. S

    Cleaning hydro tank

    I couldn't find this in search.sorry So I read to change the water every three weeks. In a dwc hydro setup( still water tank with bubbler).i also read that roots shouldn't be exposed to light. How am I supposed to clean the tank? Night vision goggles? Or do I make a Drain on the bottom...
  10. B

    The Guy Next Door

    Hi fellow 420 lovers...looking forward to learn from your experience and to read all interesting threads :volcano-smiley: becycle Ottawa
  11. WhatIfChris

    How Goes It 420

    Hey Everyone :ciao: I'm new to this site, new to growing but not new to smoking :thumb: I will be starting a grow journal and am looking forward to any input, advice, constructive criticism that you all might have. I'm excited to surf the site and see what it's all about. Thanks in advance...
  12. J

    Human urine as a nute!

    Hey j/w if anyone has ever read or heard you can use your own urine for a nutrient? Apparently it is high in nitrogen and has other nutrients beneficial to the marijuana plant? I read your supposed to immediately mix it with a gallon of water after you urinate and thats all you need. I know...
  13. D

    Tricks for swelling buds? Is this true?

    Hello all , thanks for taking the times to read this . Okay I read fimming your marijuana buds 3-4 weeks into flower produces swelling of your buds making them a tighter , bigger bud ? True ? False ? Myth? Well I've decided to experiment. I feel I have a small time frame , but what the heck ...
  14. Gauge Steel

    Green Crack showing sex after three weeks? Noobie

    Complete Noob but are these showing sex?
  15. K

    Hi - Pun intended - Fellow enthusiast

    I'm Koenig, My first question has to do with electicity cost. I have read many a post with people stating that this type of lighting cost less than that type of lighting, etc...etc...and have read plenty of post where people have provided formulas for the amount of lumens and/or watts used...
  16. K

    Vandal Changes Famed Hollywood Sign Overnight To Read 'Hollyweed'

    Hollywood – Authorities say someone managed to modify the famed Hollywood sign to read "Hollyweed" in an overnight act of trespass. Sgt. Guy Juneau with the Los Angeles Police Department's Security Services told CBS2 the incident unfolded around midnight Saturday after a thrill-seeker climbed...
  17. M

    Ok So Question

    About an hour ago or so I was preparing for bed so I grabbed my baggy misted my plants and the inside of the baggy.. Before the baggy was on my 1st set of true leaves were 45'ing now that the baggy is on and I guess it has made a humidity enriched environment inside the baggy my leaces have...
  18. cnile

    Ways to use Great White?

    ok so i get the idea of sprinkling it where the root ball is going during transplant, thats easy and cool but i have read so much more looking for advice from people that have tried what they are suggesting please. i have read to let it sit in water for 1-2 days i have read to let it sit...
  19. sailorbud

    LED & HPS together?

    Hello, I am new to the forum and new to indoor growing. Would like to say hello with this question. I just read in an ad on amazon for a 1800w cob led that using both LED and HPS in the same tent will make the LED burn out.. well since I don't always believe everything I read was wondering...
  20. OldSchool 64

    Opinions on THC with Autos vs Photos

    What's ur take on the smoke difference. .about the same? Way different.. Need some input on the subject.. Reviews I read are mixed.. Need a smoke report from people who have smoked one of each of the same strains. Thanks..