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  1. I

    Ready For Harvest?

    hi 420 people, iv 2 sepreat questions to ask, firstly i have 4 big bud plants which i taught were just about ready to start flushing them as they have been in flowering for 8 weeks now but at least 90% of the trichomes are still milky white, should i go ahead with the flush or should i give...
  2. V

    is she ready?

    Hi guys! I've taken some magnified pictures of the buds and I can't really say if she is ready to harvest from what I've read online, because trichomes look kinda cloudy but big hairs are not as brown and curled as they should be. So, I was wondering if you could help me out (it's a Santa Muerte...
  3. M

    Moriarty's Wierd Spliff Seeds Gold Line Power Plant Grow

    Hello all, I brought back some seeds from Amsterdam about a year and a half ago, and now that I have some closet space to myself I figured I'd give it a go. I germinated two seeds, of which one took hold, the other grew with the seed on its head and when I tried to get it off, pop. Head came...
  4. candyman2007

    Do they look done?

    Not sure what any of these are but came from a dank sak i got in VA so i am calling it Sweet VA if anyone knows better please feel free to let me know what it really is. i know it looks to be two different KINDS or two different pheno's of the same. some of the buds in the sak looked different...
  5. 4

    Another is it ready thread W/ PICS!

    so i'm 12 weeks pretty much to the day into this grow from first seeing the plants appear. my first harvest, i don't have the good microscope nor the time apparently to go get it. so, any and all help is welcomed. i'm trying but i can't tell if these things are cloudy. they certainly don't...
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