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  1. cannabin0id

    First grow - First post

    Hey guys, My name's Conor, and I'm an aspiring grower. I started smoking late into my teens and never really knew anything about strains or their different effects. I'd burn with my friends when we'd go out, get the giggles, the munchies and then I'd sleep like a champ. When I was 20 I...
  2. R

    Hello! RamsayBolton from Germany here!

    "Please allow me to introduce myself..." thats the beginning of a great song i really like. Please guess which Song and Band i mean^^. I'm 33 years old, male, and i live and grow in Germany, so i'm not a native speaker but i hope you understand what i like to tell you. I studied physics...
  3. BTzGrow

    Introducing myself with my first indoor grow

    Hi everyone, BTz for Southern California, San Diego to be exact. I've started my first indoor grow at the beginning of December 17. I started with a Gorilla Grow Lite 2x2.5 5'7" tent and initially a 2' 2bulb T5 light. I have an inline blower and a 4" x 12" Carbon Filter mounted on a board...
  4. TheFertilizer

    Automatic Drip Watering Systems - Pre-Packaged Or DIY

    I want to put together a drip-watering system for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I want to remove the pain in the butt of watering by hand. I have a bad back and a stomach condition and it is just really not as easy as people might think to be bending over, walking back and forth with...
  5. G

    Grow height

    Hey guys, I'm a beginner grower, i did usually play around with plants outside to see what happens when etc.... had only once harvested outside and barely anything (Northern Light by Nirvana, the tastiest and best high i ever had). recently i began growing under LED's, bought few units from...
  6. D

    New member - Just checking in

    Hey folks. Just had my first grow. A few White Widows in pots outdoors. They finished in 3 gallon size. Made a bunch of mistakes. Started too late for my climate, not enough sun but still got a few ounces dry. And really good. Been evaluating smoke for over 40 years. Looking forward to...
  7. B

    I'm new here

    I'm new here and not really sure what to do
  8. D


    This is my second year I moved from outdoor to indoor soil growing I veg my plants for about 2 months. They were clones and are in their third week of flowering they look really healthy and are about 5 foot tall how much longer should I let them flower?
  9. D

    Seedling hasn't grown in two days

    hi guys what is the rate of growth for a seedling my plants haven't really had much progress right now any tips on how to get the to BOOM?
  10. Troy01

    Potent Canna-Sugar Pills

    Objective - Create a potent portable dosing capsule. I've been playing around with making Canna-Pills. As a background, I mostly produce Alcohol Tincture and am trying to find a way to dose while traveling in a stealth way. I also wanted a concentrated dose in a "0" or "1" gelatin...
  11. B

    Outdoor plant pistils turning brown

    its day 40 into flower and the pistols are turning dark brown and one is turning black on top this started out for fun got a clone. didn't think it would get to this point cause the soil was really rockyb only used strait tap water and some mothers organic pestaside
  12. J

    Pests - Lots Of Black Dots & Maggots

    Does anyone know what kind of pest is this? And how to eliminate it? I'm really not a expert on bugs so I really don't know what is this. Its currently on my veg room only and not on my flowering room. Usually when I see pests I spray them with tobacco (it smells like shit, for real) and they go...
  13. Ycontrol22

    Hello from Australia!

    Hello everyone, hope all is well in your lives. I joined here to be a part of the community as I don't really know anyone who enjoys buds and also was looking for some advice. A bit about me. I have been vaping for around 1.5 years now, averaging 2-3 nights a week mainly on the weekends...
  14. R

    Please Recommend a MOM

    I have only used Bud Buddy, but their selection is quite poor and the last couple of months, really bad. I really like to try different strains and I want what I want. Bud Buddy doesn't offer that. Can someone recommend a MOM in Canada that has really good selection and doesn't require...
  15. bridgeofsighs

    Bud pics

    :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: First try at an outdoor grow. I really didn't expect these results, and I figure another three weeks yet. The neat part is, they're turning purple. Really cool looking. Plants are photoperiods called "Kiss" or "Big Northern".
  16. W

    Old Biddie Growing 1st Plant

    Hello all, I put the horse before the cart and posted in the bud stage forum with my woes. ANYhoo, I'm an old timer, born in 1957 - back in the "home grown nickel bag" days. Had some unpleasant weed-related legal stuff back in the 70's - so cut WAY back. These days, I'm the very...
  17. Moskau

    Hey Friends

    Figure I'd sign up and get into the discussions about growin. Currently 4 weeks into my first tub grow. Wasn't sure how this whole process was going to go when I decided to start. So far I'm really enjoying the care portion of it, checking it, watering etc. Can only imagine how fun it would...
  18. Why Doe

    Is this mold? Help

    So after harvest I put all the buds in a drying tent with a carbon filter. Couldn't get the humidity past 35% so they dried extremely fast at 2 and a half days. I stuck them in a curing jar with a 62% pack and they got really spongy moist and sticky. So I let them dry back out and stuck them...
  19. 1stCavApache

    1st grow and I would really appreciate some advice - Sorry so lengthy

    Some info up front that might help Strain: #1 Skunk bag seeds 3 Plants Age: 7 weeks indoor under lights and 5 weeks prior growing outdoors Medium: Soil-3 parts sterile soil,1 part peat and 1 part perlite Size container: 5 Gallon Lights: 5 weeks under 2 300 watt LED's and 2 weeks under 1200...
  20. TheFertilizer

    Yield problems

    So you know, I keep reading all this talk about people getting 3 or 4 ounces off a single plant and I gotta say I don't see how I'm gonna get there going about it the way I am. To be honest it seems kind of unrealistic, but I might be stuck in the past. I have been reading about how to do this...
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