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  1. Gary from The Vault

    Five Reasons Why The Vault Should Be Your Only Seedbank

    The Vault is confident that you will find everything you need right at Buy Cannabis Seeds from The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store - UK — we've got literally hundreds of reasons why you should make us your only seedbank...But we know that you've not got that much time to waste, so we've shortened it...
  2. SpectateSwamp

    Will you support Black market Pot Yes/No

    And what are your reasons for pro and con
  3. M

    Hey from Western Australia

    Hey everyone, I'm MrsRabbitX, I'm from Western Australia and a big supporter of legalising Cannabis, not only for medical reasons but for recreational reasons too. It really gets me that Alcohol and Cigarettes can be legal yet kill so many people a year and then Cannabis is illegal...
  4. B

    Hello from sunny UK

    I'm a small scale grower that grows only for personal reasons, please to meet you all:welcome: