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  1. Ron Strider

    OR: Money From Marijuana

    Linn County Commissioner Roger Nyquist believes the $243,000 the county has received as its share of the marijuana sales tax should be funneled to the Juvenile Department and Linn County Drug Court. But the issue has not come yet come before the full board, which includes John Lindsey and...
  2. K

    Business Has High Hopes After Alaska Pot Regulators Issue First Retail License

    Ancorage, Alaska - The owners of Frozen Budz have high hopes now that they've received Alaska's first retail marijuana license. Destiny Neade, co-owner of the Fairbanks business, received a round of applause from the audience after she won unanimous approval for the inaugural permit from the...
  3. Heirloom

    Random Notification Email

    I received an odd email notification last night. I have email notifications turned off. Anyhow, it was a Like received from Teddy Edwards notification. It's the only notification I've ever had. Thought it strange. I've had Likes since, but no email. Just thought I would share. :Namaste:
  4. mcstrats

    Received extra seeds with order. Curious what they might be?

    hi. i ordered 5 nl auto seeds in jan but i received 8 seeds. I planted 6. 5 are the same but 1 is much shorter and has large tight buds..and is still very green at 10 weeks. It's a very healthy looking plant but I don't know what it is. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?
  5. P

    CK beans

    Hey Ya'll, I received my WWF beans from CK. Took 6 days awesome. Discreet packaging. I ordered 5 and received 7. I cannot wait to germ them but have to wait couple weeks since i am in early flowering. Thank you CK