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  1. seanmac75

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Good evening all...(depending where on the globe you are)...I'm a fairly new grower. Ive been playing around with it for awhile, and recently decided to get serious about making it through a full grow. Ive tried several times and was never completely satisfied with the end result. My room is a...
  2. M

    What's Up!

    What's up to all the growers!!! I'm new at growing and these forums have helped me out a lot recently and always seem to have the answer. Just wanted to introduce myself and say what's up.
  3. M

    Hi & Help

    Hi Folks! Glad to be here. I have a plant ailment question: I've been growing casually for years out in my backyard with no problems. Recently, the plants have recently developed brown spots on the leaves, which eventually turn yellow and die. It seems to be moving from the bottom up. The...
  4. F

    New Member

    Hello, I am a cancer patient and have had five operations to remove the tumors of my rare disease. I live Masschusetts which recently legalized cannibis. I hope to learn how to produce weed to ease the pain. Thanks
  5. W

    Expanding needing equipment

    hi....new to this forum thing so bear with me please. I am in a state that has not legalized weed yet. hopefully it's getting close. What i need is where to buy equipment for indoors. i have a small hydro set up but i think i'm expanding to a tent. i recently went to grosense.com and saw their...
  6. S

    About PK boosters

    Hi everyone, im starting the bloom phase in my garden, 400w hps with good vent and filtration system, growing on soil, feeding with Canna solution. I have recently got Canna PK 13/14 and Plant magic Platinum. The question is it OK to use them both?? Thanks
  7. J

    Hey quick question for y'all experienced growers!

    Hey everyone I recently ordered 5 white widow auto flowering feminized. I purchased a veraspectra 300 watt LED indoor grow lamp and hooked it up. I recently germinated 5 seeds with the paper towel method and roots started to pop so I planted them and got my 4 under the light is that enough and...
  8. T

    Curling Leaves

    Hi Guys, I am new to growing its actually my first plant. Recently the leaves are curling down, I do not have clue what might be happening. I am not using any fertilizer the soil PH is around 6. It might be over watered but i am wondering if this might be something else, I am...
  9. P

    Question about using trim

    We recently clipped some leaves that might have recently had nutrients in the plant it came from, are these still safe to use? I know normally you flush everything but does that apply to leaves? Would like to use it to make cannabutter.
  10. C

    New member recently joined intro

    Hi guys joined about a week ago been lurking in the background creeping away thought it was time to man up and introduce myself. As the name suggests pretty messed up in the knee department as a result of a council van so growing for chronic pain ptsd depression plus im a stoner also she helps...
  11. E

    Newbie here

    Hello fellow hobbyist!! New member trying to learn as much as possible and hopefully help out some others down the line. Been reading up over the last few weeks but just dipped my toe in the pool recently. Seems to be some really cool people here and I appreciated the info I've already gotten...