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  1. Growca2268

    The Absolutely Incredible And Bulky RDWC 750w LED Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk - 2019 Indoor Feminised

    This journal will chronical single Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk DWC grow from seed. Starting out in tent under Advanced LED XML350 and then will transfer to 2x2x3 BCNL Roommate (DWC Grow Box) with a 400W Super HPS Hortilux to flower. Incredible Bulk is an indica made up of super skunk, green...
  2. N

    Manganese deficiency

    Tangie'matic Auto Feminized plants, 21 days old, fox farms soil, ph 6.0-6.3 water with recharge and golden tree. Change ph on last water to 6.7-7. Recharge, golden tree, Humboldt micro, bloom and honey and glamorous. 6 gals of water for 5 plants. Any foliar sprays I can add to help recover...