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  1. Canna Oil

    Canna Oil

    Momma's in the kitchen! Yummy
  2. Ron Strider

    Kick Green Tea Up A Notch - Cannabis Recipe

    Loose leaf tea is the most common method of preparation around the world, unlike in the western countries where teabags are the primary choice. It seems like we will do anything to avoid having to wash a dish out here. In that spirit, pre-batching a flavored syrup for your enjoyment is a time...
  3. M

    Critique my Living Soil recipe

    Hey folks, as the title suggests I'm hoping some of you TLO/living soil vets will pick apart my recipe and tell me where I could do better/balance things out. I'm on my 2nd living soil recipe and I'm loving every minute of the method. It's taken me to strive for an entirely localized...
  4. D


    Is there a cooking or recipe forum here? Thanks
  5. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Baking Kits Going To Soon Be A Thing, But You Have To Source Own Weed

    You want to whip up a load of edibles. You vaguely remember how to make hash brownies from university but you also vaguely remember that they tasted like trash. If only there was some sort of herbal bakery delivery kit available which would provide you with all the means necessary to create a...
  6. R


    Can I add decarbed kief to a recipe without making it into butter?
  7. Teddy Edwards

    HERB - Book Review By Cannafan

    HERB Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Chefs Laurie Wolf & Melissa Parks with the team at HERB I do love to cook, I even plunged into my own website on cooking for awhile. Cooking is my second passion, the first is growing Cannabis. So, reviewing a cookbook using this fine Herb...
  8. Desertrat60

    Vic's Super Soil Ingredients?

    Hey folks , I finally have my new 80 gl. Composter done and it's great but empty ! I'm following Vic's Super Soil Recipe . So far I've got these ingredients on hand . 3.8 cuft. of Promix Vermiculite Worm Castings - 15 lbs. Kelp Meal Bone Meal Blood Meal Crab Meal Rock Dust I still...
  9. N

    What's up with this Earth Juice recipe from their site

    this is a recipe on ej website. why the verdi fire? why not add more ej grow? their big bloomin guano is just P, is this helping any? also is this recipe too strong to replace water and use at every watering? and is this recipe acceptable in a soilless medium? is there anything wrong with this...
  10. C

    Advanced Edible Recipes?

    I saw this bomb vid last week and dared myself to make it. Was fire! Was wondering if anyone else had some quality videos or homemade unorthodox recipes. video
  11. F

    Elemental ppm

    Happy Solstice every body! I was wondering if any of you have ever played around with trying to figure the elemental ppm within your nutrient solution. I have worked out a spreadsheet on my phone where you can enter the guaranteed analysis on the back of a nutrient bottle and input the recipe...
  12. D

    Cannabis infused in alcohol liqueur recipe

    I make moonshine, so I have lots of high proof alcohol, I grow backyard PK for my GF, would like to combine the two hobbies into making a spiced run type liqueur recipe. does anyone have one to recommend or a web site link. DW.
  13. P


    Hi all, does some one knows a recipe 4 buds 2 get em bigger ?
  14. J

    Compost & worm tea recipe for flower

    Looking for a recipe for flower .We avoid chemicals and have had some very nice results with worm castings,organic compost from our kitchen,bat guano,alfalfa,liquid fish, and molasses used during veg. Now it is time to flower and was wondering does anyone add epsom salt, or potash in to the...
  15. BpoBrad

    What to do with this butter?

    I have about 70gs of some of the most potent KnockOut Butter as I call it, but I have no idea what to make with it I'm having chef block, I'm open to all suggestions, sweet, savory, maybe even spicy? I don't care lets get creative and help a brother out!:thanks:
  16. L

    Lets get crackin' organic soil mix!

    greetings fellow gardeners! i have been researching on the internet for quite some time now and im going from "organic" bottled nutrients to true living organics!! Personaly i have never used chemicals in any of my gardens! I've searched far and wide for a quick simple living soil mix but...
  17. autopsycho

    Medical Strawberry Ice cream

    My ice cream maker makes one gallon of ice cream. First you infuse your cream with your green:) 2 cups heavy whipping cream 7-10 grams of shake or what ever you like using, mix the cream & green in pan on low and get it just to boiling point while stirring and remove from heat. Run mixture...
  18. D

    PapaKief - Cannabis Cheese Fondue

    Cann-You Fondue Serving size - 6 Main Ingredients * 1/3 cup and 1 tablespoon wine * 1-1/2 teaspoons butter * 1- teaspoons all-purpose flour * 3 ounces Gruyere cheese, cubed * 3 ounces sharp Cheddar cheese, cubed * 3 ounces Emmentaler cheese, cubed * 2...
  19. areyouin


    sooo, my options are kinda limited when it comes to edibles because i don't eat gluten (wheat, flour, etc) and i found some gluten free cupcake mix so i want to make cupcakes. the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of melted butter. the thing is, there will only be about 5 of us, so i was thinking of...
  20. D

    Very important information about cooking temperatures and conversion amounts

    I created these lists to help when choosing amounts and temperatures for cannabis cooking and titration This guide helps show what happens at certain temperatures so that you do not cook off any THC or fail to infuse Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius Use Science in short 220 F /105 C...
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