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    Attempt one magical butter cooking oil with coconut oil
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    Ratio for the hen plus I am giving it
  3. D

    Switching to EarthJuice - Help with tea

    Hello all, After a few mildly successful grows (good yield & taste prefer higher thc) I've decided to make the jump from the Fox Farm Tri to EarthJuice ... I was having success with the FF trio but I just love the idea of building a living growing medium and keeping it organic ... Through...
  4. B

    Thoughts, reciepes, KNOWLEGE

    Nute and supplements recipes
  5. Teddy Edwards

    HERB - Book Review By Cannafan

    HERB Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Chefs Laurie Wolf & Melissa Parks with the team at HERB I do love to cook, I even plunged into my own website on cooking for awhile. Cooking is my second passion, the first is growing Cannabis. So, reviewing a cookbook using this fine Herb...
  6. C

    Advanced Edible Recipes?

    I saw this bomb vid last week and dared myself to make it. Was fire! Was wondering if anyone else had some quality videos or homemade unorthodox recipes. video
  7. T

    Recipes for Cannabis - Any suggestions?

    Recipes for Cannabis, any suggestions? Pretty straightforward topic. I was reading in another thread although I imagine the individual that posted is long gone about "Cannabutter" and another person talking about making fillets and things of that nature. I was just curious if you guys had any...
  8. B

    MMJ Balm/Cream & Decarbing

    Just wondering -- I have been reviewing recipes for cannabalm. At the few that I have looked at, none have mentioned decarbing the product. I understand the concept of decarbing, but what I can't figure out is; 1) do I need to decarb the herb for it to be an effective balm? 2) if so, the...
  9. S

    I want to make brownies for christmas

    Hello. I am new here. I just bought a 50$ slab of cannabutter from a trusted source, and now I am reading up on all the varieties of brownie recipes. Most of them start out with having to make cannabutter first. Well, obviously mine is already made. What is the general consensus for amount of...
  10. SweetTea54

    New Member Intro and Help Request For Use of Cannabis Oil

    Hello all. My name is Esther and I am from Washington State. I am requesting your help because Google searching hasn't been as effective as I hoped. I am new to this whole topic of cannabis for cancer treatment and pain relief and only got involved because I have a sister who is now in...
  11. T

    Sneaky Snack Attacks! What do you reach for?

    It happens to almost everyone. You crave, eat, crave, repeat. Sometimes you're stuck in the spin cycle of sweet/salty/sweet/savory/sweet/someonestopme and run out of ideas or can't determine exactly what you want to eat. Sometimes you throw together something that usually would be the last thing...
  12. A

    Any connecticuteers with gastro issues out there

    Hey there I was wondering if there was any other connecticut residents suffering from gastro issues as I am and using marijuana for relief, hoping to find and make some new friends and swap possible ideas, recipes and such. I have ulcers, reflux, intestinal pain, and have found relief only in...
  13. G

    Hello from Colorado

    :reading420magazine:I am a 65 year old female. I am a mmj patient and experimenting with growing. Have 1 that is now flowering and 5 clones in veg. I was diagnosted with osteoarithis and Glacoma and find relief in vaporizing. Made my first batch of cannabudder yesterday and am looking for...
  14. D

    Need help with cooking

    Hi im new tto cooking, ive been smoking for a year. Im cooking some cannabutter tommorow and had a question. Do i use salted, or unsalted butter? Also, the only kind I can find is butter with 17% fat, or 11 grams of fat. Is that enough fat? thanks guys!
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