1. C

    Recommendations for next grow strain

    Hi all, I'm after recommendations for next grow. Which strain? I ideally need something low smell, forgiving (I'm a noobie) and shorter. I like sativa's but I know these can grow big. If anyone can recommend a sativa that fits this description then that would be great. Or an indica is ok as...
  2. HigherTheHigh

    HPS vs LED! Need help - Starting my new oxey pot setup

    hello everyone! i have a 600w hps light already but i was thinking of a 1000w led which is cheaper to run? does it take longer with led? and what led would you recommend? anyone no if it takes less time growing with oxeypots than coco? heard it somewhere but cant back it up now...
  3. E

    First time grower - Which LED do you recommend?

    Hello, im a newby when it comes to growing cannabis. Im thinking about buying homebox tent, and inside i need some quality led lights. Wich lights do you recommend me to buy for growing most cannabis inndor? I can use up to 1900$ on led lights. Regards.
  4. P

    Moisture Testers

    Just wondering if you could recommend a Moisture Tester?:thumb::thumb:
  5. K

    Recommend a good humidifier?

    I've been through 2 now. An ultra sonic and a wisk. Both smaller ones that you refill daily. They don't humidity enough. Tried both for 24hrs right next to my plant. My closet sucks in air from outside the closet, preventing the humidifier from humidifying the room. Time to humidity the whole...
  6. N


    Hello fellow growers! Currently working on my first grow. I'm on week 2 of flower and this morning when I woke up the humidity was reading at 90%! :helpsmilie: I'm currently using a grow tent 48"x24"x60" . Can someone recommend me aDehumidifier or tips on how to lower the humidity in this...
  7. A

    Need Assistance

    Hi guys hope Im in the right place Any recommend strains to start with ? & whats a good recommend set up, I've seen various 2X2X2 which looks good size for me, stuck on lighting which to pick any inputs people ? & also whats the best nutrients available or which do you prefer ? & most...
  8. G

    Plant Success Granular?

    hey , i hope you guys doing ok . I bought this product for Living Soil and Strong Roots , anyone has experienced this before ? If it is yes do you recommend ?
  9. W

    RSO Strains

    hello what strain will you recommend to make RSO
  10. S

    Need a doctor in Oregon

    Hey all I am looking for a doctor in Eugene, OR that takes OHP and is pro medical medical marijuana. I need one in the next few days so if anyone could give me some help at all that would be awesome. Thanks, Spencer
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