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    Any recommendation on strains for autoimmune disease pain?

    Hey, A lil bit bout my-self. I am pretty new here and to the medical marijuana community. I never smoked or will i smoke it but i always supporteed it ( i am hypocritical in that). I did get into the medical coconut oil which a friend taught me to make, for my dog, who had a growth in his...
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    Patients Finding It Difficult To Find Medical Cannabis Recommendation In NY

    The Medical Marijuana Program in the state of New York is just a little more than a month old. The number of registered participants is growing, as is frustration in finding a recommendation for treatment. As of Tuesday, there are 350 registered physicians and 669 registered patients in the...
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    B & B: Where patients find compassion

    Many who suffer from debilitating health conditions in our state, even those who clearly qualify for medical marijuana under Rhode Island regulations, cannot find a doctor willing to provide them access to the program and the care they deserve. Fortunately, there is now a solution for these sick...
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    Medical Marijuana Recommendations $40 New/$30 Renewals

    Board certified medical doctors! 1 FULL year recommendation! 10-15 mins in and out GUARANTEED! 24/7 Verification Mobile doctors also available upon request! Appointments AND walk-ins accepted Open until 8PM!!! Cultivation specials for 99 plants only $99 also! Call today: (213)...
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    Legal Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Los Angeles, California

    PACIFIC SUPPORT SERVICES Have you or anyone you know experienced an illness which you believe Medical Marijuana could provide relief? Anxiety - Arthritis - AIDS - Chronic Pain - Chronic Nausea - Cancer Glaucoma - Insomnia - Migraines - Sports Injuries - Auto Accidents Yes, in the state of...
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