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  1. M

    What's on your daily checklist?

    What's on your daily checklist? I'm sure this has been discussed before, but my search seems to turn up little on the subject... I am a new grower on my second grow now. I am planning on printing up a nice daily checklist and was wondering what I am missing. (I will update this post with...
  2. Ron Strider

    If RCMP Can't Say If Canadians Have Minor Pot Convictions, How Will Amnesty Work

    Canada's national criminal database can't clearly break out people with a record for possession of marijuana from other drug possession offences, an RCMP spokesperson told Global News this week. While police forces can enter the type of drug someone is charged with possessing into data which...
  3. K

    Record Marijuana Sales Reported In Colorado Again

    Denver - Colorado marijuana sales broke another record in August, according to The Denver Post. The newspaper reports that $126 million in medical and recreational marijuana were sold in our in state in August, beating the previous record of $122.67 million that was set in July...
  4. K

    Missouri Bill Will Expunge Pot Sentences From Public Record Over Time

    Joplin, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has signed a bill which will allow most marijuana-related convictions to be expunged from public record after a period of time. Captain Bob Higginbotham with the Joplin Police Department says there are some advantages to having pot-related convictions...
  5. TheBlaze

    TheBlaze's Multi-Strain Grow In Coco & 600W HPS

    So, on to the next grow. 5 of the 6 beans have already broken the surface. All in less than 3 days. That is a record for me. This is the first grow where I charged my medium with calmag. I wonder if that is the reason for the vigour the new girls are showing. Strains: - Exodus Kush : DNA...