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  1. Ron Strider

    NY: Help Staten Islanders Move On After A Marijuana Arrest

    As Governor Cuomo called a special session of the State Legislature in June, a bill that could help thousands of New Yorkers wasn't moving. In February, the Assembly passed A.2142, which would seal the criminal records of people who have been unjustly and unconstitutionally arrested for simple...
  2. K

    CA: Amoeba Records Hits Big With Pot Shop Permit In Berkeley

    Last October, we broke the news that cannabis might be helping to save the music industry. Amid the collapse of record sales and the rise of legal cannabis, musicians are launching marijuana brands. Also, the West Coast's most famous record store, Amoeba Records, had opened a medical marijuana...
  3. K

    MO: New Senate Bill Removes Marijuana Crimes From More Records More Quickly

    Jefferson City - A new Senate bill signed by Gov. Jay Nixon is allowing people with prior marijuana-related convictions to have their records cleaned. Senate Bill 588 was signed Wednesday. It expands the number of eligible offenses from roughly a half dozen to more than 100 non-violent and...
  4. K

    NDP Demands Immediate Decriminalization Of Marijuana

    The federal New Democrats are putting forward a motion in Parliament today to pressure the Liberal government to decriminalize pot before it is legalized. NDP Justice Critic Murray Rankin says it is not fair to arrest people and give them criminal records for possessing marijuana if the...