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red diesel

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm

    The Kaiser's Perpetual Grow: Moving Toward All Organic

    Hi all and welcome to the Kaisers perpetual grow. I grew with a roomie back in college for a year and got great results using entirely perlite but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to grow again till this summer. Last year I was able to reacquire most of the equipment I needed and have been...
  2. F

    First grow ever am I on track?

    This is my first attempt to grow. The strain is red diesel and it has been flowering for three weeks today. Just want to know if the buds are the size they should be for a plant at three weeks. Thanks in advance
  3. 4twenty4all

    Red Diesel 12/12

    I haven't seen a journal on this yet so I hope to do it proud! I am doing a small batch of: Barney's Farm Red Diesel, description below: Bred to increase weight and potency while keeping the distinctive Diesel taste. This plant will grow to medium height with strong side branches of resin...
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