red leaf

  1. Rider509

    Completed Rider 509 - Out Of The Pan & Into The Fire - Gold Leaf - 2017

    If you've seen my White Widow journal you know that I'm a complete noob armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Not wanting all my buds in one basket I figured I'd fire up the Red Leaf. I know what it's like to be an experienced member of a forum so I'll apologize for boring you...
  2. J

    Leaf turning red 2 weeks from harvest in auto grow

    Leaf on superskunk auto is turning red Funny situation - I'm on holiday and gf is taking care of the kiddies, was normally under 400w hps but switched to 2x 180w led ufo's so she didn't threat about leaving it and creating a fire and to save her some dosh on her bill It's about 2 weeks from...
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