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red poison auto

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    Red Poison & Dark Devil Autos Outdoor Grow

    Hey Guys! Im new to 420 (have actually migrated from rollitup which seems to be down?) anyways i hope i can feel welcome here! Although not much of a big toker, i am an avid grower! Growing cannabis (or indeed any plant) is an absolute fascination to me and i love every aspect of it...
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    Red Poison Closet Grow

    Little behind on starting this but better late than never. Seeds (2) are from Sweet Seeds ordered from herbies. Strain: Red Poison Lightning: 4 - 4ft 32w fluorescent bulbs and more cfls to come later on. -2 6500k -2 5000k Closet: at most - 2.5 ft W X 4.5 ft L Medium...