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red poison

  1. X

    Red Poison & Dark Devil Autos Outdoor Grow

    Hey Guys! Im new to 420 (have actually migrated from rollitup which seems to be down?) anyways i hope i can feel welcome here! Although not much of a big toker, i am an avid grower! Growing cannabis (or indeed any plant) is an absolute fascination to me and i love every aspect of it...
  2. L

    Autos - Northern Lights - Auto Pounder With Cheese - Red Poison & Northern Hog

    Hello everyone welcome to my medicinal grow journal... I have some Autos- Northern Lights, Auto Pounder with cheese, Red Poison and Northern Hog...in 3.5 FFOF soil under 4 T5 Apollo lights for vege FF nutes except BB...most are Supercropped LST and FIM or topped. Sorry didn't get chance to show...
  3. B

    Red Poison Auto Grow - 150W CMH - PGRs [GA3 - BR - 6BAP - IBA]

    Hi all, This is my first time journaling a grow. I have not seen many RP journals, and I wanted to contribute my own for everyone's reference on the strain, phenotypes, etc. I've listed everything I'm using here throughout the entire grow, not just for one single feeding, foliar spray, etc...
  4. 420Amard

    Spart's Ongoing Terrace Autos

    Strain ~ sweet seeds red poison autoflower hybrid Substrate ~ Jiffy pod for germination and Agloflash léger terreau Nutes ~ None the soil itself is a "rich soil" which has 3 months of fertilizer in it (be for anyone says anything it has worked wonders for me in the past) Lighting ~ Sunlight...
  5. F

    420 newbie Novice grower ready to begin

    :Namaste: hello 420 world new here but I have big dreams. I hope to soak up as much knowledge from you all that I can. Beginning a crop this week. 18gallon dwc advanced led 300 and an eBay 450w x3w chips led autoflower grow. Red poison, auto bubblelicious, auto white widow, and possibly a...
  6. JadeKush

    Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds & Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana

    Here's my first auto grow. I'm running 4 Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds And 4 Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana. I'll be running them in a 4x4 Apollo Grow Tent. Dimmable Digital Ballast, 600 watt HPS/MH Conversion. I bought this set-up just to run Auto strains, and to have another tent to...
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