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red stems

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    Red stems?

    got quite a lot of red stems no main stems any advice?
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    Leaves curling from the side's

    So this is the first time growing in PRO-MIX HP for me, I usually use Fox Farm or Black Gold soil with great results. But this round i wanted to give Pro-Mix a try and I'm noticing red stems and a couple of the plants leaves are curling from the side. Everything is looking really good except for...
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    Red/Purple Stems & Branches

    Hey there, Im having a issue with redish purple streaks running thru the stems & branches of all my plants no matter the strain it stays there from birth to harvest what causes that? Im using Cutting Edge Solutions 3 part Nutes FloraBlend & CALiMAGic in veg
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    Snapped Stems

    I was trying to supercrop and I think I went too far (though based on videos I don't see how that's possible). I squeezed and twisted like suggested, but instead of just injuring the inside of the stems, the stems split and the chlorophyl, etc started oozing out. This happend with 3 or 4 of...
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