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red stems

  1. phiGweed

    Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Happy Holidays everyone! My clone has gotten much bigger due to the help from many of you. The yellow spots that my plant were getting are no longer an issue. I don’t see any visible deficiencies other than a purple/reddish color that is taking over my stems. Not sure if this is genetics or...
  2. OGeMann

    Red Leaves & Stem

    these were taken just a couple of minutes seen RED LEAVES on just one plant. Could this be of low temps, a sign of getting ready for harvest...... Thoughts or opinion ??
  3. E

    Best nutrients paired with Cal-Mag for RO water

    I recently started my first cannabis grow. I'll try to keep it short and simple. I'm using RO water along with cal mag plus resulting at 110 ppm. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Water ph 6.4. My two clones (purple Punch&Green Crack) have began LST (no top/fim) after transplant a week ago are...
  4. Sinbad91

    The Mystery Of The Red Stems

    If you've ever run into red stems in your growth, then you've probably done your fair share of research on the subject. The majority seem to think this is a result of a Phosphorus deficiency and many say it's genetics. There are also a few who have suspected LED Lighting (Spectrum) to be the...
  5. D

    Red stems?

    got quite a lot of red stems no main stems any advice?
  6. M

    Leaves curling from the side's

    So this is the first time growing in PRO-MIX HP for me, I usually use Fox Farm or Black Gold soil with great results. But this round i wanted to give Pro-Mix a try and I'm noticing red stems and a couple of the plants leaves are curling from the side. Everything is looking really good except for...
  7. B

    Red/Purple Stems & Branches

    Hey there, Im having a issue with redish purple streaks running thru the stems & branches of all my plants no matter the strain it stays there from birth to harvest what causes that? Im using Cutting Edge Solutions 3 part Nutes FloraBlend & CALiMAGic in veg
  8. B

    Snapped Stems

    I was trying to supercrop and I think I went too far (though based on videos I don't see how that's possible). I squeezed and twisted like suggested, but instead of just injuring the inside of the stems, the stems split and the chlorophyl, etc started oozing out. This happend with 3 or 4 of...
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