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    Slurricane #1 - sumthing going on with sumthing.
  2. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  3. si12

    Si12 400W LED Soil LST - Santa Bilbo, Lemon T Kush, Red Dragon, Crit Jack, White Sib

    Setup Strain Bank S/I% Santa Bilbo Genehtik ??? Lemon Thai Kush Humboldt 60/40 Red Dragon Barney's Farm 70/30 Critical jack Dinafem ??? White Siberian Dinafem 25/75 400W LED (compared to a 1000W HPS) Tent size 120x120x200 Soil Biobizz Light on 14Lt Smart Pots...
  4. F

    Which red spectrum light as a kicker to my 4x4 tent with 600Watt LED?

    Running a Viparspectra model 1200W ( 600 watt ) in a 4x4 grow tent. Need a great red spectrum kicker to kick up the budding.
  5. Pantagruel

    Pantagruel's Return - Pure Kush - LSD - Red Dragon - Blue Widow

    Back after a few years off. My wife's mom moved in with us and I lost my room. Just moved into a new house, got a decent grow space again. I've had some seeds in the crisper drawer for over two years now. Took a nice selection, Pure Kush, LSD, Red Dragon, Blue Widow. All 4 popped! Last of the...
  6. S

    Samsung F-Series Gen3 3000K add on ratio white, blue, deep red, far red?

    Hello, can anybody help me i would like add some Color-Led to my samsung strips i have 12 F-Series Gen3 with 112cm lenght my box is 60cm x 113cm now i would like add on some color led with blue (~475nm ) for control better stretch in veg (i use sativa plants) Deep-Red (660nm) (to...
  7. P

    Red Spec Slow Veg Growth? Please Help

    Hey :420: peeps! I've been having kinda slow growth with my seedlings (or so it feels at least). They're under a 250W 6500k Spectrum LED and 250W 8U Red Spectrum CFL both with reflectors. Growing in coco-perlite 50/50 mix, check pH regularly, give less nutes than on bottle, healthy root...
  8. M

    Mike's COB Grow In 2x2 Tent - Red Shiva

    What's up everyone, this is my second grow and I will be switching to cobs. I've been reading a lot on them and they seem pretty good. What am I growing.? Red Shiva hybrid- Panama red with Hindu kush. 3 seeds What medium am I using? Pro-Mix hp- coco and perlite. Lights? I am using...
  9. R

    Best time to begin using the bloom spectrum

    Hi All! 2 weeks into my 4th grow. I recently got a 400w Meizhi led with veg/bloom switch. At the wall with both sections on the light draws about 172 watts that breaks down to 116 - veg and 56 - bloom. When should I start to use the bloom? Before changing the photo period or when the photo...
  10. C

    CoopExquisite's Blueberry, Syrup & Red Poison Grow Journal 2017 2.0

    Strain: 1xBlueberry, 1xSyrup, 1xRed Poison Medium: Blend of Miracle Grow Soil and coco coir Environment: Indoor Pot: 3 gallon smart pots # of Plants: 3 Tent: 2x2x4 Light: Galaxyhydro 300 Watt LED (170 watts at the wall), Exoterra 13 Watt UVB200 CFL Ventilation: Apollo Horticulture 4" 190cfm fan...
  11. A

    Can a 730NM far red LED be added to HPS lighting during flower?

    I have a single far red light 730 nm I want to add as a small supplement to my 1000w raptor hps. would this be healthy for my girls ??? please help i thought so but people are saying only for a couple of minutes daily!
  12. Sphnx

    Sphnx's Norcal Outdoor Season

    Strains: (5) Jedi Northern Lights x Triple OG (1) Blue Dream x Triple OG Started from seed indoors. Transplanted outdoors May 19th. Soil: Worm castings, sea bird guano, carnivorous bat guano, fruit bat guano, composted chicken and cow manure, alfalfa compost, perlite, coco coir, fruit...
  13. potanna

    Autoflowers - 60 Day Lemon

    i am currently growing a 60 day lemon from dna genetics. i am going to use lst but no toppng. i am also using a 6500k cfl with white color for veg which will be like 3 weeks and then 2700k cfl red for flowering. If anyone has grown 60day lemon i d like to know the yield or tips for the plant!
  14. J

    Haybell, Hydro, Sherbert & Unknown, First Grow Journal 17

    Hey everyone let me get y'all up to speed *Have 14 if all females ? Got know idea what strain. But have 2 sherbert germinating. Sherbert- Indica 85% Sativa 15%\ 15% thc ? Are early veg. Transplanted them 2 days ago. Put them in 10 x10 baskets 2 per basket with clay pellets *Drip...
  15. O

    Red stalks and stems ?

    Hi. I have a couple of train wreck autos in week 5 that the bottom leaves ( some of them) are turning yellow. The stems and some of the stalks are red. They are in the stretch( I think) as they are starting to flower and are growing about 1/2 inch a day. Should I be concerned. No nutes or calmag...
  16. Jackalope

    Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush

    They say it is supposed to finish around 50 days. This is day 72. Covered in white hairs and still going strong. Not to much of a big deal. I have a Malawi that needs a lot more time too. 1 Hindu is starting to show some red hairs and is bulking up. Can't wait to see this bud when it is bulked...
  17. tobler

    C99 Under 7 Band COBs Homebrew LEDs

    Hi All, My second ever Journal, for my future reference. Two C99 and 2 purple trainwreck from Humboldt. Interesting thing about the trainwreck is they are from one free (old) seed and the seed spit out two undersized seedlings. Took a while for it to germinate pretty freaky seeing two. One...
  18. T


    Merry Xmas everyone! I am a bit stressed seeing the dead tissue / red spots (red under led) on the leaves just before harvest (2/3 days). I was also planning to regenerate her, so depending on your views I'll decide course of action. Overview: these are my first two plants. It's a coco -...
  19. S

    Red diesel - Male?

    I read about male parts that i think are showing on this red diesel at 30 days... Are they? Is this plant showing it's gender?..thanx...
  20. S

    Red Diesel - Male?

    30 days at 24 hours indoor lighting...red diesel strain. I'm needing confirmation if it's gender..I think it's male because of the little balls at the joints...thanx.
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