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    First time grower 250w HID light is this enough?

    Hi Guys, I have a 600w HID light with a ballast that has controls with the ability to reduce down to 250w. The area I am growing in is around 1 meter by 1 meter. The problem I am facing is maintaining desired temperatures (20c-25c). I can only achieve such temps once I Reduce the lights...
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    Air filtration questions

    I am putting together my first room and although my name is ColoradoJo staying low pro is very important to me. My room is 225 cubic feet. I plan on using two 8" hyper fans. One to scrub and the other on a timed exhaust. My question is can I reduce them down to 6" phresh filters to save space as...
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    Web TV show - Debate: Should cannabis be legalized?

    Web TV show in French. Broadcasted first on Feb 17th 2016. Opening; France has the most prohibitive policy of Europe, but the rate of users - especially uninformed teenagers who are more and more exposed to traffics - is also the highest in Europe and the number of users is rising everyday...