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reflector 144

  1. 16EB2701-CD0A-4B5B-A1F9-4D72EC7E2C39.jpeg


    White widow x atf just south of top cola , thank you themaddabber
  2. DF0C4BAC-E677-43EE-8E12-5D3988CA97A2.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls top cola shot in the good 4x4 tent under mars hydro reflector 144
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  4. QQ图片20190401100753.jpg


  5. QQ图片20190401100733.jpg


  6. A041696E-D9E5-4FAF-BDAB-C7DB5FA64850.jpeg


    Vac sealed first bag no option to stop it without getting a seal when I hit cancel button so squished first batch of 28 grams of Thc bomb by bomb seed sunset mars hydro 144 very nice buds it gives. Thank you @SmokeSara and team mars hydro ✊
  7. 6C23BD1E-2A35-4719-A757-8C0D53CF97A3.jpeg


    Thc bomb no flash under the reflector 144 by mars hydro . Thank you for the light it’s been pretty good light over the last few years .
  8. AA84D44D-8C80-4836-A288-7336419C54AB.jpeg


    More thc bomb shots
  9. F40808D8-3C70-4769-BBF8-B30DE3A3DE51.jpeg


    Think this is another widow bomb pic
  10. BBD7D73A-CB51-4490-AC4B-31D79D36BD18.jpeg


    Thc bomb day 66 veg
  11. 9D1BD42A-8B10-48CF-85E8-02724C298DAB.jpeg


    Just pulled more lowers off tied down few shoots sprayed with 70 usp and water diluted to 1:9 ratio . Messaged canna coco waiting for reply about my inquiry.
  12. 72E5EFA8-00DA-417D-8F9A-27DE849F83F7.jpeg


    Bomb seeds Thc bomb x 2 Widow bomb x2 Day 58 veg
  13. A9E38396-A712-4705-AF78-5E92B3013592.jpeg


    THC Bomb by bomb seeds
  14. ewilan947

    Speedy Chile - Last Batch Of The Year! - Ewilan

    "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." ― Bob Marley :welcome::Namaste::420: Welcome to my journal, this will be my Last grow of 2016. We will be growing "Speedy Chile" from Royal Queen seeds The plants are : - 4 weeks old from clone - Mother plant is 4 months old or...
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