1. Thomas M

    Some past flowers part one

    Here is a series of flowers I’ve grown over the last few years. Will post more once I migrate photos for another device. Hope you all enjoy. Just a few. Have thousands more. Once I get around to it I will post some more. Hope you all enjoy.
  2. 34B4A214-9E89-4A71-9680-3098EDBF7E2E.jpeg


    The white widow x atf week one flowering .
  3. 4F173740-6767-4449-8071-220C1A52F5FF.jpeg


    The now flower tent 3x3 day one since flip .
  4. 693EE2B0-8FF5-41D6-B610-FF168226D32B.jpeg


    Purple monkey ball shot
  5. 12394DB5-C95B-4BF0-8621-A0C6617392E5.jpeg


    Ww x atf @TheMadDabber brought back to life go me.
  6. 4E86D871-5AAD-497C-AFB6-EB0C9BA0F033.jpeg


    Ww x atf #2 shot
  7. 2C0D0ED5-71D7-4343-9F9E-321E5ACB28BE.jpeg


    @bobrown14 here are some root shots before first transplant into 1 gal fabric pot coco.
  8. 61CFE3BA-3C56-4FA2-B9A5-3F1727B555ED.jpeg


    And my veg tent Biggest girl far back right -cherry bomb 25 from seed . Rough start but bounce back . Beside cherry bomb is purple monkey balls day 3 veg I’m calling it . Beside that is newest Dutch delight and dr incredible bulk . Day 3 since put in cup . Slow start but I got this . Up front...
  9. C6A6DB42-D3C6-434F-809C-71EB1BDAA8EF.jpeg


    My poor ww x atf @TheMadDabber hoping they come back they have been through a storm and back .
  10. F4622581-C03E-451E-99BC-D550943AF558.jpeg


    Alright about to drop the pmb in coco solo cups here are the roots as you can see one is being stubborn but they are all going in this morning after just shy then two days in towel.
  11. FD2FA4F9-27C3-4FA0-9384-0D07193F333E.jpeg


    Here is @Derbybud today in the sunshine @Guy Cavallero @Jackalope
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    Herbies Updates 9th November 2017

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  13. D

    Abandoned Dirt's Garden

    Hello everyone, restarting my little garden. Same set up as before(2x 2x4x5 tents flower has 2x 600w leds veg has a 450w led and a reflector 48, 2x2x4 tent with a 48) same recycled soil mix. I'm starting up with 3 DDAs and a Cripple Roulette. I currently have 5 Thc bomb regs going. Plan is to...
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  15. N

    New grower - Hydro or LED? Budget $1300

    space 4.5lx2wx2.3h (in meters) i currently have 3x 600 watt hps 1 200mm inline fan 3 oscilating fan im looking to increase my yield with a buget of 1300 bux US either hydro or a new led 1k watt. i have never used led or hydro. i also dont have a vege room (but space is no problem)...
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  17. LilyDanktree

    Completed Lilly's Sin City's White Nightmare - Pro Mix - 2016 Winter Grow

    White nightmare newborns. One week since I cracked 2 regs from Sin city.
  18. J

    Need help!

    Seedling looked like it was dead for 2 weeks.... Then stem started turning green.... It's not growing up towards the light though cuz I fucked up somewhere between going from outdoors to indoors n then scraping the (what looked like to be dead) first little round leaves... Stem is still...
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