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regular seeds

  1. CanadianBacon92

    Do these buds look close to harvesting?

    From my Afghani #1 and AK original by Canukseeds outdoor grow, ive been having shit weather (cold& rainy) and am worried about bud rot, been noticing alot of red hairs, i dont have one of those fancy microscope to check the tricome, im new asf, im just going by the pistils and im noticing alot...


    Ultimate Kush power!
  3. ChefDGreen

    People of the forums, help me decide on a strain!

    Hello everyone, I’m planning to set up my tent again soon and I need some help deciding on genetics. I will only be buying regular seed, no feminized. I want to be able to harvest seed and keep a fairly large quantity of beans for my anytime use. As far as what I’m looking for in genetics; I...
  4. B

    Regular seeds?

    I'm wondering what possible reason I would have to buy "regular" seeds as opposed to feminized or auto flowering? Isn't it probable that half of any batch of regular seeds will be males? I understand that males are pretty much useless so I can't figure out any advantage to buying regular...
  5. Hugh Splith

    This will be my very first time. DP BlueBerry (regular?) - I have faith!

    To be honest, I aint got nothing to say... Its not like i got MG all purpose soil, a 300w dual spec CFL, 8cm Fibre Pots for the bubbies, Clear Plant Pots with drainage ( dont know measurements, but they big), 9 inch Oscillating Desk Fan, I tidy lil room for all of it and 5 Dutch Passion...
  6. Hugh Splith

    Be Gentle, I'm a Virgin.

    :headbang: alo peeps! i've been using this site for research and just admiring other farmers work for some time, but its my turn now! I've got a great lil project I'm working on. Will fill you guys in shortly... HOLLA
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