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    Ultimate Kush power!
  2. ChefDGreen

    People of the forums, help me decide on a strain!

    Hello everyone, I’m planning to set up my tent again soon and I need some help deciding on genetics. I will only be buying regular seed, no feminized. I want to be able to harvest seed and keep a fairly large quantity of beans for my anytime use. As far as what I’m looking for in genetics; I...
  3. B

    Regular seeds?

    I'm wondering what possible reason I would have to buy "regular" seeds as opposed to feminized or auto flowering? Isn't it probable that half of any batch of regular seeds will be males? I understand that males are pretty much useless so I can't figure out any advantage to buying regular...
  4. Hugh Splith

    This will be my very first time. DP BlueBerry (regular?) - I have faith!

    To be honest, I aint got nothing to say... Its not like i got MG all purpose soil, a 300w dual spec CFL, 8cm Fibre Pots for the bubbies, Clear Plant Pots with drainage ( dont know measurements, but they big), 9 inch Oscillating Desk Fan, I tidy lil room for all of it and 5 Dutch Passion...
  5. Hugh Splith

    Be Gentle, I'm a Virgin.

    :headbang: alo peeps! i've been using this site for research and just admiring other farmers work for some time, but its my turn now! I've got a great lil project I'm working on. Will fill you guys in shortly... HOLLA
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