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  1. Stunned

    Opinions for reliable PH meter?

    I'm having real reservations about the PH meter I got.... I don't trust it at all It does EC, PH, and temp made by somebody called ATC which I got on Amazon Seems to read wildly and recently when I calibrated it, it reads high but only on the high side Like reads 4 in the low solution but...
  2. O

    Crop King Seeds

    Have ordered cks seeds twice; Auto white widow and blueberry. Great results using 600w hps/mh system. Reliable company with apparently good genetics.
  3. S

    Looking for reliable information on the strain Pineapple Express #2 by G13

    Hi, I'm looking for a strain which gives me a high yield and a short time till harvesting. Found the strain Pineapple Express #2. G13 gives the following informations: Pineapple Express by G13 Labs Seeds is impressive but here we are with improved version of this amazing plant. Highly...
  4. T

    I'm in South Africa - Need a reliable seed bank

    I'm in South Africa, need a reliable seed bank. I am having trouble sourcing seeds. I purchased seeds from MSNL.com (first purchase). I have already waited 2 weeks (10 working days). According to MSNL, the seeds should arrive within the next 10 days. I can pay with creditcard, or paypal...
  5. D

    Best Cloning Method?

    In your opinion, what is fastest and most reliable method to clone,spray,air bubble or rockwool or similar medium?I'm new to this and I'm looking for the most reliable method.........thanks for your time.
  6. O

    New to CK

    Seven days to arrive. Appear healthy and ready to grow. CK is reliable source Will trust CK for future grows
  7. N

    Rate These Buds?

    Heyo - sorry if this is the inappropriate place to post this, I couldn't find another thread. As a long-time returnee to Green (at the young age of 33!), I wanted to ask folks with more experience. I was surprised that some of the Sour Diesel from a reliable source turned out to appear less...
  8. J

    Is online information reliable?

    Hey guys I'm about to go foe a drug test so i;m looking for all the info I can. My last smoke was about 24 hours ago and my test is in about 2 days. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of ways to pass? Any tips would be great. Regards