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  1. HigherTheHigh

    Life In The Day Of A Coco Grower

    Hello :420: So it's been quite a while since I last grew in coco and I have to say I have really missed it, I tried soil up until last month and I really didn't take to it, my yield dropped and so did my confidence in the whole grow scene too so I will currently have this setup and my hydro...
  2. Preston9mm

    P9 & Bebes Smashin' Out Barney's Gear: Featuring Strawberry Lemonade, Peyote Critical, Shiskaberry & Peppermint Kush

    Every good journal needs a legit intro.... :19: I ain't got one! Earlier this year, I approached @Barney's Farm about sponsoring me for a grow; whatever hot strain they were trying to promote... They blessed TF outta me with a fat sack of beans. 25 total.... I wasn't able to fit em all in my...
  3. T

    Newbie medical grower

    I just started growing my own medicine and I’m hoping this is a great forum for help when needed and tips or tricks. I’m running three 315cmh in veg and 4 Gavita 750’s in flower. The veg room has fresh air and exhaust but I decided to seal up the flower room and run ac with co2. I’m currently...
  4. LadiesMan217

    900Watt LED, 36x20x62 Tent, Maui Waui & Purple Kush

    Hi there and welcome to my journal of my first grow. Been using this site for all the resources and knowledge of experienced growers and was amazed how much I learned. This grow is Purple Kush and Maui Waui seeds I purchased from mjseeds Canada. Germinated with soak and paper towel method...
  5. Ian Bastage

    Kind LED & Friends – A 420 Magazine Sponsored Grow & Review

    Yes, it is time to do it again. You may recall my first grow: Bomb Seeds Detonation Time! It turned out much better than expected in spite of my many mistakes along the way. Thank you again to all of the members that helped me. The yield was good and the smoke is very good and it will keep my...
  6. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Remo Nutrients - 800W Of COBs - What Can Go Wrong? Round 2!

    Whats up everyone?:lot-o-toke::welcome: Really excited to bring you this grow, featuring Remo Nutrients, and the same set up were rocking in the current BignStrange journal! For those who were part of that journal, thank you, and cheers to more insanity and fun! With that, lets blow this...
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